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What you don't know is those waves are a thousand feet high...die humans.yay 
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The stars are right, and great cuthulhu is ready
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great collage !
Awesome picture. Just love it
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Eerie and impressive... brings the work of Gustave Doré to mind.
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Impressive artwork, I feel like hearing thunder and sonorous roar. Wishing it won't look over there.
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It's like old artwork from the 1700 or before that time period, but with a even darker feeling. I love it!
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Whow, the final work is amazing! Really good job, I love it.
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I love the "godzilla" feel to it but yet its completely way darker and just overall fantastically done. I love everything about it to the sea, to even the sky. 

( I also like how he's just standing there like a bad ass ready to fuck shit up while what I assume are huge waves just clashing against his body like its nothing to him)Clap 
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Fantastic, the nightmare of a distant but approaching doom of gigantic size.
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I'm glad you like it :)
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Hi! :wave:

Your :iconawesome-plz: work has been FEATURED IN MY JOURNAL here: [link] :iconmyheartplz:

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Thank you very much :D
oh, i get it. is pumpkin head/Cthulhu . grat job!
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A great piece, I really like it. My only criticism would be that too much is shown, I think you could invoke more feeling by only showing bits and pieces of Cthulu. Just my two cents though, keep up the great work.
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it...and I don't mind criticism as long as it's constructive :nod:....and yes, your suggestion is a good one :)
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Oh oh!!! I am shocked and kneeing! Great Cthulhu awake! And you are great!
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Thanks, really glad you like it :D
Sorry for the late reply though :)
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Dont comment much but this is awesome!!!:w00t:
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Awesomeness! Fhtagn ;)
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