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Ocean Girl - Neri and Charley

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Yay, I finally got to actually finish a fanart picture of the series "Ocean Girl". I've started so many over the years, but they all sucked too much to even bother finishing
I've noticed that there is little other fanart for this around, so I wanted to give it a try again.

Ocean Girl is an Australian TV show from the 90's and one of my all time favourite shows ever...even today! :XD:
I was totally obsessed with it when I was younger - the show is the reason why I have my username! :D (since the main character's name is Neri)
Neri's a girl who lives alone on an uninhabited island and she's able to swim in the ocean like a fish, plus she can communicate with whales.
Geez, I've always wanted to be like her when I was young...I tried to imitate her style of swimming and it's also due to that show that I become very fond of whales*lol*

For more infos about the show go here: [link]

Anyway, this is her on her island, her whale Charley(or Jali) is in the back.
The perspectivesomehow sucks, since it is 'slightly' off, but well...can't help it now! ^^;
Drawn with polychromon crayons.

Ocean Girl@Jonathan M. Shift Productions
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PapillonClairStudent General Artist
Ocean Girl, shes so cute on thic picture(especialy the eyes)and charly in the background, its realy beaudiful!
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Yeah I love this show too, actually I just got the four seasons on DVD

And yes, even I tried to copy her swimming
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Yay! :dance: Ocean Girl art! I agree, that show was awesome (and I remember trying to copy Neri's swimming style, too...especially this backwards sommersault she did in one episode =D )

I like the colors in this, especially how the water really seems to sparkle around Charley as he surfaces. Nice job!

I recently did some Ocean Girl art, too. Come visit my gallery! (yes, I realize this is a shameless plug ^^; )
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horsefeverStudent General Artist
really nice, u got the girl just right!
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PhaseChan General Artist
Blimey - it's been a long time since you last posted something!

I love the whale in the background - you've got the proportions perfect. ^^

Never seen Ocean Girl though.....O_o
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Yeah, it's been quite some time since my last upload...a loooong time O____o;

The show was called Ocean Odyssey in the UK, maybe you know it by that name? And in case if you are interested in watching it...all of the episodes of season 1 and 2 are available on youtube. :D

If you like'll love it! *lol*
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Oh yeah... A couple years ago I saw an episode of that and thought "So that's where Neri-chan got her name from!"

I love how you did the foam in the ocean! :D
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Damn, you found out my secret! :shakefist: Now I'll have to kill you....wait a minute...I just told my secret to everyone out there in the description! .... Guess I have no choice then. I'll just have to kill everyone else too! :chainsaw:

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Can I watch? :eyes:
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i loved this show although over here (Uk) it was called ocean odyssey. i always wanted to be like Neri
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aah, the ocean... <3 nice water!
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