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The Marshall

"Any brave soul can fight, but it takes someone truly adept at killing to become a Marshall."

A model with a strange history, this guy is half Grand Master of the Blazing Sun and half Space Marine Apothecary. He has a futuristic backpack and wields an ancient axe and a magical goblin shield.

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lostinparadise55's avatar
Awww they probably bring a tear to the eye of papa Nurgle!
Nergling's avatar
Oh I hope so! :nod:
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
While I can honestly say I have no idea what a nurgle is :noes: these [as well as the rest of them] are quite amazing.
The details you have in them is very impressive, I like the noticeable differences between the two while keeping the same appearance/style.
Awesome work!
mavericktheinsane's avatar
in short nurgle is a god of rot, plauge, death, and despair.
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
Dear God that sounds rather unpleasant :noes:
mavericktheinsane's avatar
Very. Thogh he is much nicer then the other 3 chaos gods.
mavericktheinsane's avatar
Nergling's avatar
:D thank you very much!
WorldWar-Tori's avatar
Barraziek's avatar
Good stuff, looks like they just emerged from a swamp. 
krikitt's avatar
this probably has some unfortunate implications buuut...
they look like they should star in there own chaos themed cartoon. with there extremely expressive and goofy looking faces. still an awesome concept even if they look a little sloppy
Nergling's avatar
these guys were made years ago, i have felt like re-doing them several times but i just cant bear to part with them now :) they have really grown on me hahaha
ZandurOfBronte's avatar
Consider myself creeped.
enc86's avatar
nice conversion. threre eyes look fantastic!
Nergling's avatar
Cheers they pretty much inspired me to make an entire Nurgle army!
wtf-etc's avatar
For some reason and some how you've gotten away with using that sea weed moss stuff, stuck to the model no less! I usually can't stand the stuff I find it so un-convincing, but in the context of Nurgle it works perfectly in its organic and mutant way. Well done..
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