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minimal black BETA

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I LOVE this pack, been using them for almost 2 years now, however i wonder if there's a white version?
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Minimal beauty

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can I found .png version? :?
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awwww :O pretty nice, dude :)

Maybe you wanna create them in grey (light/dark)?

think about it ;)
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mindCollisionHobbyist Digital Artist
This was featured :pointr:here:pointl:
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Great, simple icon collection!

Question: what font did you use for the small text?
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It's not a font, it's a "pixel art" =p
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Ahh, too bad. Such a tight-looking smallfont.

Any chance of you making it into a useable TTF? I'm sure a lot of web-designers would love to have it (like myself).

Nice one, dude!
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great icons.
clean, simple.. top job =)

is there any chance that you could send me a white version of the folder?
not the whole set, just the one icon.

thanks for sharing this =)
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I was thinking about making a whole white set but unfortunetely it takes time. Write your e-mail, maybe i'll make just this one icon in some free time. :)
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true, true.
it's cool, i just made some icons of my own =)
and i released that your icons are made in 32x32 and there too small for me lol.
but thanks anyway, great work.
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Well, that's pretty weird because I'm certain they're 48x48. Just like on the screen.
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=S im not sure.
but when i check the dimensions it says they're 32x32.
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Thanks I'm going to use them :).
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Beautiful... thanks for sharing! hope I find more like these...
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Wow, these are great thnx for sharing them.
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Nice icons :)
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Hello I love Reflections SRI and I had made an iconpackager file out of them but it lacked a lot of file icons which you have made. The only thing missing in here is a Recycle Bin Empty and Recycle Bin Full icon like the one in your Trash Folder icon. Do you think perhaps you could make one? Styrizo only has a text based one and it doesn't look good on computers with dark backgrounds.

Also if you do make one, may I have your permission to make an iconpackager file using your icons?
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Of course you have my permission. I'll try to make those icons when i have some free time. Maybe this weekend or christmas. Give me your e-mail end I will send it to you when it's finished.
And merry christmas :santa:
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Thanks for your permission! I really like your icons, they are like Reflections SRI except they have this newer look to them. My email is
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I sent you the requested icons.
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They look cool to me. If you don't mind I will be making an iconpackager file out of this. Thank you very much for your time!
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No prob :thumbsup:
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