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Sonic redesign- Metal Sonic

I really wanted to learn more about character design. The idea of re-imagining the Sonic cast intrigued me because it seemed to present a lot of fun and interesting challenges.
Not only did I find that the franchise had a lot of cool, weird concepts to work with, like “ purple kitty pyro queen” or “evil shape shifter”, but there was the issue of creating a sense balance and diversity between the characters as a whole.

For reasons unknown to my self I kept adding to the project. Earlier drawings were more zany, illustrative and experimental and later versions were softer and three dimensional.
Metal Sonic

I’d imagine it keeps up with Sonic by spin dashing while tearing up the environment as it rolls. I forfeited aerodynamic design and speed for a hulking strength and heightened senses. It is near impossible to leave its detection. One of those baddies you know you can keep away from for now, but they will find and get you eventually.
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Damn! That’s creepy
DelphoxGuy's avatar
Metal goes berserker
MaximArrtist's avatar
Getting Tim Burton vibes from this =D
RourkeArts's avatar
That is so metal I love it!
william023's avatar
I imagine that eye seeing through anything. Unlike mainstream metal sonic, this guy literally just wants its assigned target dead. It has no interest in personal glory or showboating, it doesn't seek global domination. All it thinks about 24/7 is killing its assigned quarry and has 0 interest in anything outside that goal. As far as emotions go it is basically programmed to feel like a perpetually distressed and enraged smoker whose in a state of constant unrest, and killing whatever target its been assigned to gives it a period of serenity and pleasure. 
DinoDilopho's avatar
That's terrifying : o
omarfan1234's avatar
this looks more like a mecha sonic redesign
FlameMagmaSpark's avatar
When will we get to see Sonic?
lindseyisageek's avatar
This looks amazing! I love your art!
Foremem's avatar
looking at it again... It kindof lookes like it'd fit as a SatAM Design....
Rickterscyth's avatar
This is amazing!
Elkian's avatar
I love all these redesigns.
I like how you gave Metal Sonic a greater sense of being a real threat while still clearly being styled after Sonic, and the eye combines a sense of mechanical perception with common 'crazy eyes' designs. And that bottom 'jaw' meeting the eye is really creepy!
william023's avatar
that single, distorted eye is a neat touch.
JacktheCat779's avatar
Seems more like a Mecha Sonic 2.0
mariomarioaqw's avatar
Now that is a sparring partner that could put the blue blur in stitches, and in an emergency room to boot!! May not necessarily be a great idea to fight that thing head on without help...
PrivateDoomsday's avatar
Interesting...perhaps it could be a parallel universe?
Dalek1965's avatar
It looks so DEMENTED! I love it.
Part-TimeArtist's avatar the freak he is...

btw your work is awesome :)
partner345's avatar
Should of made the eye a spiral a good reference to the Dreamcast's Logo 

[runs away]
andros27's avatar
Its like if Shockwave, The terminator, and Megaman were fused into one badass machine...
Is he sentient?
Does it have any hidden gadgets?
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