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Sonic Redesign- knuckles

I really wanted to learn more about character design. The idea of re-imagining the Sonic cast intrigued me because it seemed to present a lot of fun and interesting challenges.
Not only did I find that the franchise had a lot of cool, weird concepts to work with, like “ purple kitty pyro queen” or “evil shape shifter”, but there was the issue of creating a sense balance and diversity between the characters as a whole.

For reasons unknown to my self I kept adding to the project. Earlier drawings were more zany, illustrative and experimental and later versions were softer and three-dimensional.

Protector of the master emerald, lonely curmudgeon, and the last member of a powerful race of echidnas, ...who apparently built the pyramids in both Egypt and Guatemala.

Obviously I wanted to make him look like someone who wouldn’t get along with others. Tribal get up shows his devotion to his race, but the looseness of the binding shows that knowledge of their practices are fading, and for all his hard work he never did get proper tutelage.
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pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffftttttttttttttttt he looks like an anteater

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I actually prefer this to any of his game designs. He's less sonic-ey but more distinct. He's more knucklsey than mainstream knuckles. Basically he's more defined here. 
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high quality snoot
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Knuckles in Samurai Jack style! Nice!
POP-Domination's avatar
H O L Y F U C K L E S I T ' S K N U C K L E S
DragonBombStudios's avatar
U N L I K E S O N I C H E D O E S N' T C H U C K L E
Pyroraptor42's avatar
I really wish Knuckles looked like this, more echidna-like.
xmen675's avatar
I seriously love all of these.
ClownTown64's avatar
Now he seem's like the kind of guy who REALLY doesn't chuckle! I like it!
william023's avatar
still beats the boom design. what doesn't beat the boom design? awesome work!
antivenom907's avatar
what about sonic himself?
countdarkmire's avatar
Well... as long as you don't give him an actual Echidna pe-nise, I'm OK.
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I like it but the scar can go.
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I love it! Absolutely adore it, Knuckles' design  is pretty tough one to crack.
Ertbert34's avatar
That shadow isn't foreSHADOWING att all.
RoyalKnightV's avatar
I c wat u did thar
RainbowPandaPenguin's avatar
BUGHS-22's avatar
I like how he looks more like echidna
Skreemz's avatar
Holy shit, so much FUCKING COOLER than the new Sonic Boom Knuckles.
CosmicBlaster97's avatar
U spelled his name wrong lol
Nerfuffle's avatar
Whoops! fixed.
Monstermanic59's avatar
You predicted Sonic Boom!
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Can I comment that you made his face actually LOOK like an echidna all the while keeping in theme with the Sonic style itself. He has the spines, he has the elongated nose (even though as we all know, echidnas' don't have movable jaws blah blah blah) AND he has that bruiser feel to that keeps to his concept that he WILL beat your butt to the ground if you go near his EM-UH-RAAAAALDS.
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