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Sonic Redesign- Mephiles phase2

I really wanted to learn more about character design. The idea of re-imagining the Sonic cast intrigued me because it seemed to present a lot of fun and interesting challenges.
Not only did I find that the franchise had a lot of cool, weird concepts to work with, like “ purple kitty pyro queen” or “evil shape shifter”, but there was the issue of creating a sense balance and diversity between the characters as a whole.

For reasons unknown to my self I kept adding to the project. Earlier drawings were more zany, illustrative and experimental and later versions were softer and three dimensional.
Essentially an evil shapeshifting creature with confusing motives. Also it can time travel apparently. It was a chance to exaggerate different feature without breaking the suspension of disbelief.
This was originally a Shadow redesign that somehow turned out to be a shambleing monstrosity. I liked it too much to give up.
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Welp this looks straight out of Rayman

thelobsterlover's avatar
Sheesh, he looks wrecked
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This Mephiles is much better than the original, the old one was kinda just yet another evil thing that looks like sonic, this version looks much more unique.
This looks like what might happen if Mephiles tried copying a human's shadow
Dokuromah's avatar
I think he fits more in a rayman's game
Hobowithahotdog's avatar
anyone else suddenly hear mark Hamill?
RoyalKnightV's avatar
Well it's more inspired than what 06 did. Nice Burton-esque look
Reyai-Bloodrose's avatar
He looks like a haggard dock worker in a black raincoat. XD
Not saying that it's bad, not at all! It's actually quite a creative interpretation, and I love it to death! :D
GeneralHaven's avatar
momma4na's avatar
All aboard, the NOPE train to "FUCK THAT!" vile!
Part-TimeArtist's avatar
I'm not going to be sleeping for a while...
TheOnlyEscapeIsDeath's avatar
I'm gonna have to agree with the guy below me; both of your designs for Mephiles look infinitely better than what we saw in the game, that being what looks like Shadow if he caught pinkeye and got stuck in a freezer for a few hours. This right here is creativity, honest-to-God creativity. Stellar work.
JMillerd's avatar
Looks better then Mephiles the shadow Recolor. (no offense to the fans)
Daiskida's avatar
The more I look at your Mephiles desings, the more he kinda makes me think of The Lich from adventure time, but I guess it's 'cause of the sort of dead appearance he has going for him.
FOX-POP's avatar
hmm I don't know why but he resembles me a bit the jew's stereotype... hump on the back, something that look like curls at his head's sides, long nose (or so it seems), and something that looks like a rabbi's hat! Is that a coincidence? xD

(I'm not racist! Let's be clear on that xD A jew friend I have made me notice that and he laughed on it too ^^)
Nerfuffle's avatar

Really? Whoops, I didn’t know those features were a part of the stereotype.

To be honest this was largely inspired by the final Scarecrow design from the 90s Batman cartoon and that was based off of a western preacher costume.

He's supposed to be wearing a fisherman's hat and the spines were once whaling spears and hooks that were later changed to squiggly hedgehog spines. The curls around his face are tattered bandages and seaweed. I remember at some point I tried to make him look like a “battered corpse that rose out of the ocean” with cues toned down later for making things too convoluted.

RoyalKnightV's avatar
Well i thought he reminded me m ore of a plague doctor sans the mask. I guess be careful with hook noses in the future? Unless you're making an eagle character or something. 
FOX-POP's avatar
Eheh don't worry :) this is a pure coincidence xD The design itself is totally cool, instead! :) 
Cool and well thought ;)
HeyHeyitsTayTay's avatar
This looks like Rayman Origins and Legends!
AlexGamer9000's avatar
Reminds me of a fusion of Black Spy from Spy vs Spy and the doctors in Assassins Creed 2.
Baranguirus's avatar
He kinda looks like a Blue Meanie, from Yellow Submarine! Or maybe that's just me...
Mr-Primary's avatar

not even once

(sorry I couldn't help my self)
Hexidextrous's avatar
This makes Mephiles looks more like some sort of villainous Witch Doctor than the demonic shadowy being he is.

I wonder what Iblis will look like in this?
todpole's avatar
I still think Mephiles and Iblis should've been two seperate demons that plagued the world until they were defeated by a wizard named Solaris, who then became the king of Soleanna. Mephiles and Iblis take the Solaris when they fuse out of spite.
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