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Sonic Redesign- Elise

Elise, the princess of a Venice-inspired city named Soleana and a vessel for a satanic fire creature named “Iblis” that will be released and flambé the planet should she cry.
She has had the reputation of having an out of place character design neck deep in the uncanny valley as she was surrounded by cartoony animals, one of which the subject of her affection.

I found that there was surprisingly a lot about the character that is either not called attention to or is not communicated very well;
Her position of authority, her deep cultural heritage, the pressures of the enormous responsibility given to her, her limited magic powers that enable her to walk across quicksand supposedly, and the threat of her causing the apocalypse if she cries distancing her from other people.
In my mind said traits painted a picture of someone very strong willed, spoiled, and distant. A sorceress who is tough to crack with some sort of connection to forbidden magic.
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or a hedgehog like sonic

how about you make her a spirit


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I can imagine this Elise being in Dragon Age or something High Fantasy.

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Best Elise redesign ever!
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Wow, interesting! C;
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If SEGA remakes that game they should use a style of cartoon like Sonic unleashed
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They did say they wanted to make it realistic. I'm interested in seeing what the p06 reboot looks like
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This is actually a super cool concept! I always felt like her character could have been better if they went with something similar to this. Awesome job!
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You just made the most annoying and hated character look beautiful
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But Princess Elise has always look beautiful before.
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 F-ck no.
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May I repeat the last two words I said?
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Cuz I ain't joking.
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Her design in Sonic 2006 can't be that bad.
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Am i the only one thinking about her singing Hellfire?
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her design looks as if she was from a souls game, which it awesome owo
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This is... different... I like it.
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Wow, that's amazing! This should have been the Elise in 06!
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