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Sonic Redesign- Amy

I really wanted to learn more about character design. The idea of re-imagining the Sonic cast intrigued me because it seemed to present a lot of fun and interesting challenges.
Not only did I find that the franchise had a lot of cool, weird concepts to work with, like “ purple kitty pyro queen” or “evil shape shifter”, but there was the issue of creating a sense balance and diversity between the characters as a whole.

For reasons unknown to my self I kept adding to the project. Earlier drawings were more zany, illustrative and experimental and later versions were softer and three-dimensional.
Amy Rose-
A female hedgehog with a crush on Sonic.
Hooray! Weapon design!
While supposedly there is mention in some ancient archived manuals that she reads tarot cards and can somehow yank an enormous Hammer out of nowhere, there is no attention or explanation given for why she has either of these abilities.

I figured making her a mage/witch would give her some defining attribute other than "devotes every waking moment to gain the affection of a guy that may or may not return said affection."
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how about giving her abilites with the hammer a fire strake like rienhardts fire strike a earth shatter like riens ultamite and uh like and mini exsplosion when she smacks down her hammer and how about the ability to suommon a sheild like riens shield

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Wow, this is cool and interesting! 😍🥰🎉🎊❤💛💙💗💝💖💞💕💜 And this is very awesome and amazing too! 🎉🎊🥰😍💗❤💝💖💞💕💛💜💙
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I like this direction, it adds more interest to thee character.
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I really love this redesign of Amy :love: she is just plain adorable I want to huggle this little hedgie :huggle: I would love to draw this look for amy in my own style buuuut I don't think I could do it justice from your style :giggle:
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the idea of Amy of being some sort of magic user is really cool I actually plan on doing something similar in my own comic. this Amy could actually be connected to the classic game gear character Wendy Wtichcart. 
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I personally think she's cuter in this design than the original.
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I think more of gypsy when I hear tarot cards, but cool redesign!
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This is a very awesome redesign!
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Holy crap... this is one awesome idea for a reimagining. I'm insanely jealous.
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I like this. Somehow she reminds me of Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh! :3
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someone made a smash bros hack based after this design, did you see it?
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Really!??? I didn't know that! Which character model did they map over?
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ZOMG That's awesome!
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She can summon her Piko Piko hammer because of the leftover residual wish-granting energy she absorbed when she used the Ring of Acorns (called something else in the games) to make herself older. She can wish for her hammer to appear and it does. But she can't summon anything else.
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Nope, that isn't in the games at all. In the games, there is no explanation how she can summon the hammer.
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I would much rather pay to see these designs implemented into gameplay rather than what we got with Sonic Boom
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I like the magic aspect abut this design. With Amy form the normal canon, she's more or less a fan girl with a big hammer. This at least goes more into character, which I like. One idea I was thinking with a continuity I was creating involved her getting the Hammer from Eggman. I have a story to it, but I don't want to go on about it. Great design, like always.
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OH MY GOD!  She looks adorable!
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This is the best Amy Rose design I've ever come across. Love love love it. It's such a stronger design than her normal one, so much personality!

Mind if I draw fan-art of this design some time?

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Thanks so much,  I don't mind at all.
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