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Neko Atsume tubbs plz

Because this cat is interesting.
As much as I wanted this as my avatar, the program I use is much too touchy for it to be one. :saddummy:
Oh well. Hope you enjoy using it as an emote!! 
Alright without further ado...

Free to use as an emoji and/or your avatar!!

Just search the following: nom neko atsume tubbs eating bits sashimi food 
I don't own Neko Atsume. Neko Atsume belongs to Hit-Point.
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He ate everything but not Thrifty Bits uwu 
He's one of my fav cats 
Btw should I gave credit if i use it?
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I am just like tubbs, i always eat.
and i smack away the food i dont like.
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on mine he loves sashimi the best. 
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yep all he does is eat
What'd You Use To Create This?

(Also Is There Something Like It, That Will Work On Tablets?)
(Is There A App, Similar To It?)
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Why did he smack the last plate away lel.
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Cause the only food Tubbs won't eat is Thrifty Bits
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Food, food, *slap*, food, food.
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Tubbie the little fattie owo
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