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Yay for improvement! :>
Fantastic improvey-ness. (I was proud 'cause I remember most of those XD ) Oh, and pencil!Muffle makes me smile, the expression's awesome.
Jholt's avatar
Wow, your improvement is huge!
(: I love your art.
NiaraSusarin's avatar
Even before you posted this I was thinking about how much you've improved since I first saw your drawings on TDF. Nowadays every time I see one of your new ones I can't believe it- your drawings started out good, but now they're just plain awesome. I hope you have another good art year in 2008. :D
nerdydragon666's avatar
Thank you so much! ^^
wing-pikepaw's avatar
YAY MEGGEH! :D You're like, fer serious my favourite artist ever. You just keep getting better and better. *shakes head*

I'm still much in love with our commission, it's hanging up next to my bed...*stares at it lovingly*
nerdydragon666's avatar
Wow, really? I'm honored! :D It makes me so happy to get acknowledgment of improvement because no one in my family seems to care. xD; Thank you!
wing-pikepaw's avatar
Yeah really. You're a damn fine artist, my dear, and you -have- improved. Don't act so surprised. ;)
Scayethe's avatar
damn, you've improved so much,hun! Three cheers for you :)
teh-zephyr's avatar
Truly an inspiration for the rest of us! *cheers*

Now if only I'd get off my lazy arse and start practicing I might get somewhere with this art thing. xD;

(And your new fursona is squishily-adorable. Hailey likey. =D)
nerdydragon666's avatar
x3 Thanks. Squishy is good!
OrcinusMakoma's avatar
Hoooooooly crap, that's amazing! xD You've improved so much. I'm quite jealous. xDDD
nerdydragon666's avatar
xD; Thanks. I dunno even what happened there. I guess I draw more than I think I do. >>;
OrcinusMakoma's avatar
You're welcome ^^ -snugs- That big red dragon is still really, really cool. xD
nerdydragon666's avatar
Thanks. x3 I like red dragons.

..."I like the Wizard of Oz." c8
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