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Might be you're avatar, it only cost a sub -cough-
Ten frames of bouncy book nerdness.
Luv my new shading too? I do... :flirty:
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The power of books is in your handsClap 
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Used it on my page! ^-^
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Ur avi will be featured in "Avatar of the Month (May)" Great Job!:w00t:

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I love it! Could I use it?
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That looks like me! :lol:
Nicely animated :thumbsup:
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Thankies =D wasn't that hard...
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Yay! :#1:
Feature tiem has you been victim of! :p
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Aaaah! Nerd at 12 o'clock! Fire the RPG!
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waaa! hij is de max :D
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You get get it as an ava if you buy me a sub
Not quite finished though, making it so you could put alot of them next to eachother
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I like my ava to be a picture of myself (I always found it a bit odd that people use something else than theirselves)

Plus, I'm like on the verge of bancrupcy...

And tomorrow's my B-day

So actually, it's YOU that should buy ME a sub :evillaugh:
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oh gosh, Now I know you are stalking me... hehehe
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ooo... is that a threat???
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If you dislike, beeing stalked by me...
But you won't
you want nerd in yer bed I know it
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:O_o: srsly - most of your emotes have two helping of win for breakfast :nod:
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... and why do I keep missing the Reply button? :shakefist:
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because its so small and tiny?
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probably :nod:

Plus, that big old "Devious Thoughts" text box is just begging for some words :shrug:. I might hack my copy of deviantTIDY to hide that box, there's still the "(Add yours)" link at the top for adding a new comment.
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It's filled with goodness. The bouncing, the books and the shading are all sweet :#1:
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Thank you thank you thank you!
It means alot comming from you!
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Wow, sorta wierd, I spent 4 hours messing with Oblivions in-game mechanics by decorating my theives guild house by placinf stuff down, it all locks in after I save, and one of the things I did was remove all the books from a crate and stack them against the side.

I have to say I'm really proud because it looks incredible and it requires alot of hard work to manipulate objects in oblivion. There is this sorta "loft" you can nonly get to by jumping from a crate up onto it, so I filled it with bones, and even assembled a half skeleton out of bone parts found in Oblivion. I put a heart by the ribcage and set up bottles of human blood around it cus my character is an evil vampire. I'm going to try and post pictures of it if I ever figure out how to.
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Sry, I am full of randomnes today, I am going to play halo today with Jigs, I have also got my wireless keyboard with touchpad, so I am very happy.

Have you ever played oblivion?
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