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Forest Castle (NES colour palette)


I’m using NES colour palette here, however, I’m bending the rules when it comes to the number of colours and using five for most of the sprites instead of three.

12 colours in total.

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This looks totally awesome and cool!
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I find this awesome for the same reason I loved Shovel Knight's style: It looks totally like NES graphics but without all the limitations. Great job! :D
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I’ve been playing Shovel Knight obsessively lately, hence the similar art style. I really hope there will be more of this type of NES+ games.

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It's an awesome game, and I really liked it's style. I think it's a great way of showing that you don't need a lot of colors or graphics to make something look nice :p
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Well, to be fair, NES palette has 64 colours, that’s 63 more than in an average modern FPS that only has one colour – brown.

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That was clever haha. That's why I like Nintendo so much. They keep the bright colors that makes videogame feel like that, videogames. I like realism in some games but they're way too much nowadays, I love fantasy and Sci-fi haha
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Yeah, I’ll never understand why, having the ability to create completely different worlds and universes, a lot of developers choose to create an inferior imitation of real life instead.

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Indeed... but that's how things work and that's okay, I'll stay with the games I like :D
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Very nicely done. Also rule bending goes further for image resolution and sprite size. :D
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Holy pixel-art sweetness :)
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Best pixels i've seen today I am a dummy! 
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