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I didn't know what to title this BUT I AM NOT DEAD.

I know I'be been inactive the last few months but due to the holiday season, I'm pretty busy. So, yeah. My schedule should free up here soon for the new year.

If anyone was interested, here's my Xbox gamer tag.


If you wanna chat with me on there, you can or even play some games.

I'm in the process of putting PUBG, Overwatch and COD: WW2 on my station.

Games I currently have:
COD: Infinate Warfare
Star Wars Battlefront
Friday the 13th
Dead by Daylight (one of my fav even though I'm such a noob)
Fortnite Battle Royal

Not sure what else I have currently. :P I don't play often and I have to get more gold here soon.

If you're interested, I would do love to play with y'all :D just hit me up with a friend request.

Also, it might be some time until I find my headset. It up and disappeared and Im trying to find it. Lol.

Thanks for reading this. It's basically saying how I need more people to play with since all my friends have PS4.

Love you all,
Nerds14 (Jamie)
Hey guys! 

So, I don't know how important this announcement is, but I just wanted to tell you all!

I have another dA account! I was going to change the name to this channel but I really didn't want to. At the time I made this account, 2014 right after I graduated HS, the name symbolized who I was at the time. Now, I have a completely new name that I use on ALL my social media. 

Of course, all of the social media pages I'm going to link here are NOT my personal accounts. As much as I want you guys to be apart of my life, I don't feel comfortable sharing all my personal information.

These are basically accounts you can contact me at if you wanna chat or something. :)

So, back to my main topic!
I have another deviantART account! Yes! I will be writing stories, FanFictions, poems or whatever in that account! I'm just going to be writing on it and posting random shit! If you wanna read stuff about what I write, go watch that account! JamieDyno 

Here are my other accounts you can follow:

Tumblr: jamiedynosaur
Twitter: jamiedyno
Instagram: jamiedyno
Wattpad: DynoDragon and JamieDynosaur (Second account is abandoned but has a few stories on it)

So yeah! Go follow me on the accounts if you want!
I will message back or whatever as soon as I can!

I will mostly be found on my Wattpad account at DynoDragon
That is where I spend most of my time!
So, yeah.

I love you all! Thanks for the support of my pictures and my stories once I post them to my other account!

Much love,
Nerds14 (Jamie)
Hey guys!

So, I have been thinking about changing a few things on my page.

1. I wanna change my name. I have a name or two but I didn't know which one.


Which one do you like?

2. I want to post my stories I write from Wattpad here. Whatcha think? :) I LOVE writing. I actually have an idea for a story that's not a FanFiction! Haha.

3. I actually don't have any other changes than the first two as of right now, lol.

Let me know if you like these changes! I will still be posting selfies but I feel like I need something else on this page. :)

Thanks guys! Love you all!

-Nerds14 (Jamie)
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Hey guys! Long time no update.
My life has been pretty hectic due to work.

Good news about that though! I am dropping down to two days a week!
YAY. More time posting here!

Anyways, I've been reading and writing a TON of FanFictions lately.

I've been writing FanFictions about:
Anime (one of my most successful stories on Wattpad is an anime story)
TV Shows/Movies

I need ideas! So, please give me ideas on stories! :D

I'm currently working on a 13 Reasons Why story since I just finished the show

Anyways, I need some ideas for stories! 
Please let me know if you're interested in reading my stories.

Also, if you wanna read a few of my stories, go find me in Wattpad!
JamieDynosaur and DynoDragon are both of my accounts!

Thanks guys! I miss you all so much! <3

Much love,
Nerds14 (Jamie)
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Hello lovely people!
I hope everyone is doing well!

I need your help!
I am going to write this story about a group of five teenager/young adults stuck in the zombie apocalypse. I know, it's so over used but I think it's a good idea.

And in need your help!
I need a setting where this story is. It's going to be set in 2015, probably the summer.

I need names for the teenagers. I think I'll have three girls and two boys.

If you help create a character, I will credit you!

Here is the template to follow!

Age: (between 17 and 24 please)
Sexuality: (might put two in a relationship. I haven't decided yet)

Any health problems?:

Best friends:


DO NOT BE A MARY SUE OR GARY STU. Characters can be overweight, that's fine. If you want to add anything to this, that's fine.

I will be posting this story on Wattpad, which is a writing app. If you are interested in my username for the app, I shall message you.

I will also try to post the story here. I just need character information. Please help me! I would love any kind of help!

Thank you so much!
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Hey guys! I want to apologize for my absence. I've been super busy with work lately that I haven't really had time to get on here. Anyways, I want to try something new!

Lately, I have been obsessed with readying fan fiction. There is one game I actually have written most of a story for. I loved The Walking Dead, the TellTale game. I have played Seaon 1 and 2 over and over to see the different outcomes I come with. As much as loved the games, I wrote a fan fiction for it, following my own character, Myriam.

I will post the prologue soon and I would love to hear your input! If you don't know about the game, Google it! Not all my facts will be correct. Also, all determined deaths is a personal for me. So if I kill someone or don't kill someone, I'm sorry. Most of them die later anyways (sorry for the spoiler).

I would love to hear what you guys think of the story! :) you guys are the best!

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Hey guys! I was thinking of doing a Q&A session since I'm really bored and that you guys don't know much about me. So yeah. Comment some questions and I will answer them!

I was also thinking of making an instagram account for this page. Whatcha guys think? I would love your input and would love to also hear what kind of ideas you have for future pictures! :) thanks guys and as always, lots of love. ❤️
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hey guys! So I'm in a really good and creative mood. I want to write! I want to write maybe some short stories or maybe even a nice long story with multiple chapters! But I need ideas! You can message me or either comment with ideas.

It might take me awhile to write something because I'm currently working 6 days, between 7.5-12 hour shifts which sucks ass. I will try my best to get to everything and I would love some ideas. :) thanks guys!
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hey guys! So since I'm back and all I'm ready to start posting more. More pictures, write some stories and poems. I need ideas. Just so ya guys know, I work 5/6 days a week and between 7-8 1/2 hours. Usually mid day or closing. But anyways, on my days off I will try my best to post. I jut need some ideas! Thanks guys. :)
Hello there, everyone. I am not new, I used to own an account that I do not know the account info to anymore. So after about a year of not being on, I am back! Yay! Haha. Anyways, I am a writer, drawer (kind of) and a photographer. So if you have any specific requests, I will try to do the for you! ^^ I am still in the process of getting my profile all ready and submitting stuff, so it will take me a few hours to a few days. Not too long. So if you have questions, concerns or request, please ask! Thanks!

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