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I'm the one by milomering I'm the one :iconmilomering:milomering 3 2
Naruto x Reader x Sasuke: Dragon Princess (1)

The dragon arrives at Konoha
I walk next to Lady Lunakage (Kiki Aino, the woman in the picture just with silver hair) through Konoha-Gakure to get to the Hokage's place. I notice the strange looks some of the villagers are giving us but I don't care about it. I'm way too excited to go to the academy in Konoha and meet some people my age and not the old ones who are arrogant towards me if they don't know who they are talking to. It gets annoying to be the youngest in a team where the lowest gap in age is with luck 7 years. Mostly the gap is bigger. This will be much better because they are only one year older in the class I will be in. I remember when Lady Kiki told me about her and the Hokages plan...
"(Y/n), may I talk to you, please?"  "Sure, Lady Lunakage. What do you need?"  "You know that Hiruzen and me have met a few times to discuss some things, right?"  "Yup!"  "We deci
:iconserenity93:Serenity93 239 23
If only..
I love you,
But sometimes you got me so blue.
To turn away from something great,
Only for it to turn to hate.
For the dreams I had,
How could this turn so bad?
For the mean things I say,
I wish I didn't have to pay.
Wishing that you could be here,
For you to whisper in my ear.
Telling me how much I mean to you,
Telling me we're stuck like glue.
But now I just sit and stare,
Wondering if you're ever going to be there.
I wish I could tell you how I feel,
Soon to let my heart to heal.
:iconx-xhellokittyx-x:X-XHelloKittyX-X 1 0
Mature content
A Helping Hand JacksepticeyexReader :iconartistofthedark:ArtistoftheDark 67 29
PAX PRIME (Jacksepticeye x Reader) Prologue
~9 Months ago~
You, twenty-two, are a YouTuber. With a whopping ten million subscribers, almost reaching eleven million. You do gamepay videos, collabs and some skits here and there and the occassional song cover. And today, you are visiting your brother, also a YouTuber. Your brother who you have never seen ever since you were thirteen and he was sixteen, due to financial problems.
Then, moved in with your uncle and aunt instead. You both met again when a friend of his and a friend of yours, also known as Markiplier, introduced you to one another for an amazing collaboration, but never knew that you were both related until both of you realised you had the same last name.
You laughed along with your long-lost brother, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, famously known as the most subscribed YouTuber on earth, PewDiePie. You sat up straight, still giggling like a madman, staring at the camera as your brother answered one of the questions on twitter. "Well, the first time (Y/n) was with me when I
:iconmary123r:mary123r 81 7
H2O Delirious X Reader - Beautiful
Strong language. Triggers for self harm. If you see __________ please read everything out of that section.
'Jonathan, (Y/N),
You are invited to the wedding of Lui and Mae on the 14/05/15
Mae has also requested for (Y/N) to be her bridesmaid.
Feel free to call or visit the house
- Lui'

"JONATHAN!" You screamed, holding the thick invitation in your hands.
Your boyfriend came bolting down the stairs with a baseball bat in hand. His mask was covering his face, but anger was clearly evident in his hazel eyes. He looked around. No intruder. Just a (Y/N) jumping and screaming.
"And I thought I was crazy..." He mumbled, "what's going on, baby girl?" He walked over to you, dropping the bat and wrapping his arms around his beloved.
You handed him the paper and waited for him to read. He pulled the mask off of his face, massaging his temples.
"I can wear the mask to the wedding right?" He asked.
"No, absolutely not."
"But... The scar."
You traced your index finger down the scar tha
:iconpandabear1099:pandabear1099 88 42
Mark's Secret (Markiplier x Reader) Fanfiction: C1
(Y/n)= Your Name
(Aaron)= Yamimash
(Wade)= LordMinion777
(A/N)= Author's Note
This story may contain multiple YouTube gamers you may or may not know.
  Your POV:
Me: "Get him, Mark! Jesus! We've only got 20 seconds to catch him!"
Mark: "I'm trying my best!"
Aaron: "Haha! You'll never catch me, suckers!"
Mark: "Hell yeah! Headshot with a grenade! Another victory won by Mark and (y/n)!"
Wade: "Yami! We could have won that round, if you hadn't have kept jerking around!"
Aaron: "I know. I'm ashamed I let it slip through my fingers like that."
Mark: *Devilish smirk* "You let WHAT slip, Yami?"
Aaron: *Disgusted* "Oh, shut up, Mark!"
  I laugh.
Me: "Ah... What a great game of Trouble in Terrorist Town."
Mark: "It really was. Anyway, that was more Trouble in Terrorist Town with (y/n), Yamimash, and Wade. Thanks again everybody for watching. And, as always, I will see YOU *points* in the next video. BYE-BYEEE! *waves*"
  After all of that strenuous
:iconcpsnewestproxy:CPsNewestProxy 220 81
I didn't know what to title this BUT I AM NOT DEAD.

I know I'be been inactive the last few months but due to the holiday season, I'm pretty busy. So, yeah. My schedule should free up here soon for the new year.

If anyone was interested, here's my Xbox gamer tag.


If you wanna chat with me on there, you can or even play some games.

I'm in the process of putting PUBG, Overwatch and COD: WW2 on my station.

Games I currently have:
COD: Infinate Warfare
Star Wars Battlefront
Friday the 13th
Dead by Daylight (one of my fav even though I'm such a noob)
Fortnite Battle Royal

Not sure what else I have currently. :P I don't play often and I have to get more gold here soon.

If you're interested, I would do love to play with y'all :D just hit me up with a friend request.

Also, it might be some time until I find my headset. It up and disappeared and Im trying to find it. Lol.

Thanks for reading this. It's basically saying how I need more people to play with since all my friends have PS4.

Love you all,
Nerds14 (Jamie)


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Jamie Lyn
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United States
I love taking selfies.
I love to write.
I love long walks on the beach.
I love to sleep.


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