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If I Could Go Id Already Be Gone VENT by Lynxmur If I Could Go Id Already Be Gone VENT :iconlynxmur:Lynxmur 17 7 Ying Yang by Lynxmur Ying Yang :iconlynxmur:Lynxmur 40 18 Burning Down Again by Lynxmur Burning Down Again :iconlynxmur:Lynxmur 32 4 dont tempt me by Koffii-Kiitty dont tempt me :iconkoffii-kiitty:Koffii-Kiitty 19 2 Snow ref by ZouraStudios Snow ref :iconzourastudios:ZouraStudios 6 0 splats by Keybladefire splats :iconkeybladefire:Keybladefire 33 0
trade/sale bich hub
im just make new one bc the old ones really clustered
paypal > charcters > points / art (couple art!!) 
:iconlemonlotte:lemonlotte 1 26
BABY by WanSham BABY :iconwansham:WanSham 3 0 peridot thing by Koalify13 peridot thing :iconkoalify13:Koalify13 525 22 , by skailak , :iconskailak:skailak 47 1 Coatala: Cookie Dough by Wyngrew Coatala: Cookie Dough :iconwyngrew:Wyngrew 21 0 Runeboo: Nibbling Choco-Mellow by Wyngrew Runeboo: Nibbling Choco-Mellow :iconwyngrew:Wyngrew 20 0 Leila by Coconutduck Leila :iconcoconutduck:Coconutduck 19 0 + Fake love + by Aviien + Fake love + :iconaviien:Aviien 14 6 [C] Keigora by Billiam-X [C] Keigora :iconbilliam-x:Billiam-X 68 3

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Do you have a Kub of tea? by Nerds-little-Helper Do you have a Kub of tea? :iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 4 1 Secret Santa! by Nerds-little-Helper Secret Santa! :iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 3 0
Isaiah: Prologue
  Near the city of Kouvui, about 40 miles to the east, a cave entrance can be spotted on the side of a rocky cliff. The cave faces a small clearing in front of it, with a forest surrounding it. Paw marks can be seen coming from and leaving the cave. And a 7 week old kub can be seen coming out of the cave.
  The kub's name is Isaiah. His eyes are a slightly dark shade of blue. His fur is a dark gray without spots, and is quite thin despite the climate he lives in. Despite that fact, its summer time, the only time in the year where he can come out of the cave during the day for a long period of time. It is short lived though, since the summer is short and is nearing the end. And he is not going to waste the last few moments in the cave. He quickly darts toward the tree line nearest to the cave, hoping none of the adults have spotted him or heard... 
  A familiar voice can be heard coming from the cave. Isaiah stops right past the trees, si
:iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 6 0
Isaiah full Ref by Nerds-little-Helper Isaiah full Ref :iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 9 0
Good vs. Evil (Old Poem)
I do not have a stand in religion, but-
When there is light or darkness-
Their is no true good or evil-
As only the victors write history-
And if the victors are corrupt- 
We follow them blindly-
But I question-
Can the darkness be good and the light evil?
:iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 5 0
Meet new spook boy, who is mad by Nerds-little-Helper Meet new spook boy, who is mad :iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 5 0 Good times by Nerds-little-Helper Good times :iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 9 1 Hi there. by Nerds-little-Helper Hi there. :iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 6 1 Neku 2 by Nerds-little-Helper Neku 2 :iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 5 0
Weekly cycle
My days are Mundane,
Schooling during the weekdays,
And resting when the week ends.
Lately, I've been thinking of the end,
so I may free myself,
To end my cycle of, pain, lies, and regrets,
Cause my heart is weak.
Despite that,
I still aim to make happiness a thing,
Feeling more of a tool then a brother,
As I will please them by compromising,
Coming to them like a dog so we can all have a laugh,
But when I needed them,
They would put me down,
"Your being emotional",
So I learned to never try with them,
Cause my problems aren't theirs,
So I learned to be quiet.
As I begin to ramble,
My parents are the worst,
Not cause they are pure evil,
Instead, I grew a fear of them when I was younger,
Never wanting to make them mad,
Or sad, 
Or worried,
I just want them to be happy,
Cause I realized, 
It must have been hard to raise a child when you are still in High School,
So I learned to never tell my problems to them,
I learned to be
:iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 4 0
Neku. by Nerds-little-Helper Neku. :iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 3 0
So I will trust in love.
I will be honest, I love helping anyone thru their hardest time. It feels so good to help someone, even if it was temporary. I go thru friendships like crazy cause of this, jumping from one to another, not cause I got bored of one and searched for another. No, I just want to help everyone I love and give them hope In this dark world. You all have meaning to me, from the animaters that attached me here, to the new artists I have found here. You all share a place in my heart. So, when the time comes, and I found a way to help you with your ordeal, I will end up useless afterwards, and get tossed aside, so then I start looking forward to the next person to help. Good friends I make here don't even talk to me anymore, but, that won't slow me down. As I will always answer a call for help. I will always give my 100% attention to them, even when they don't need me anymore. I don't mind this routine. My only wish is to bring hope back where it belongs and fight off demons that come their way.
:iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 2 4
Guess who I got! by Nerds-little-Helper Guess who I got! :iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 17 2
Im out of my head, my heart, my mind.
I love the internet.
I can find so much here.
From finding cool people,
To laughing at stupid stuff I like.
But, it's a double edge sword.
Cause it has a dark side.
People say too much,
Lashing out on the webs.
I get it,
No can see you.
It's when you spill too much that gets me.
On the internet,
I want to help anyone I come across.
It's my weakness,
Cause then I can't stop.
I start to care more about people I know nothing about then myself.
I put as much heart I can without telling them myself.
Now, it's getting old.
I need to stop.
I can't help if I can't even hold a real conversation with them.
Barriers are then forged.
As time itself puts us asleep and wakes us at different times.
Communication is slow as everyone are literally at different parts of the world.
When I stop for one,
Someone else cries out.
God, I'm like a moth to light,
As I head straight to others' aid.
I wish to help,
I wish for that chance,
I wish for that happy ending.
But I can't make it happen.
I'm stuck in this
:iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 2 1
The beginning of my Kua-Noho. by Nerds-little-Helper The beginning of my Kua-Noho. :iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 5 0 Little lion by Nerds-little-Helper Little lion :iconnerds-little-helper:Nerds-little-Helper 4 0



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I'm lonely...


So, I don't know who watches me, but I'm planning a DnD campaign with a few friends and we need a few more people to join. If any of you are interested, send me a note! If you want to join but don't know how to play, that's okay! We can help you there too! Hope to talk to you soon!
Happy New Year everyone!
Hope you have a great last day of this S***y year!
Wish for a better year in 2019!!!
Hey you!
Yeah, YOU!!!
Have a merry Christmas!!!!!
In the Harry Potter universe, where paintings and pictures move and talk and interact, waifu pillows are waaaaaaay more interesting.
Hey!! My friend is hosting a raffle for their new open/closed species!
And here is the character!
(Closed) Leria design raffle! by LolaTheKitty


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