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I was looking for basically any kind of wild cat patronus stuff for a character and was frustrated and aggravated to no end that there was just... nothing! I mean, Kingsley Shacklebolt's patronus was a lynx, which is a type of wildcat, but since they did things differently in the DHpt1 movie and we didn't see his patronus properly, apparently there's just no content for that sort of thing anywhere. After rage quitting for over an hour, I decided to take matters into my own, photoshop-novice hands and try making one myself.

This design is based off of a patronus tutorial by Chunga-Stock [link], which can be found here [link], and utilizes this base photo [link]. It was a nifty tutorial, and I was able to kind of take the basic idea and run with it on my own. I don't have a tablet or super PS-paint skills, so I had to kinda make do. But I think it'd be easy enough to do it again. (Well... I say easy... I mean the other thing...) Anyway, there it is. With my little watermark on it and everything! Doesn't look quite like it should, but I had to invert it to get it to show. Shhh, don't judge.

Harry Potter content and patronuses come from J.K. Rowling and are her intellectual property. And I suppose that of WB and whatnot.

This particular PS job, however, is ©2013 Briana Tiano-Mohr under the watermark Peredhel Hathladring. But I won't come rip your head off if you use it for an RP character or save it to your computer and show your friends or whatever. So long as you leave that watermark in place and people can find their way back here, I'm happy.
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