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Cozy Pokeball Interior

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hey, are you the original artist? sorry to ask, I found this image on google and I couldn't find who did it and I reverse image searched it. It didn't take too long to get here but I just wanted to be sure and this is the earliest post of this pic I could find...

would you be cool if I made a 3D version of this?

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I really like this, nice style. With your permission I'd love to use this as the offline and 404 pages of a site I'm developing and include a link to your profile here.
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Very good art. Far from everything. Comfortable. And a secure home.
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I love this so much
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Cute... love the GameCube in this.
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I like the amount of detail put into it!
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Ow, so beautiful! *-* Can I use it specifying copyright? 
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Amazing, could you propose your idea to a company that makes t-shirts because frankly I want to have it in shirt ^^
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Ooh, I see a Hoenn map.

A GAMECUBE! Pikachu, you're getting a room mate!
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LOL you're not a pokemon though, how are you gonna get in? XD plus i thought pokeballs could only hold one pokemon at a time
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I knew this is what it looked like 
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Nice, but... has anyone thought about what if he needs to do his "business".
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That plant he has is one option I guess. :p
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But what about that smell?!
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Air freshener?
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Makes me think what it's like inside a Luxury Ball! ^_^
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Really funny! Bravo! Clap 
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pikachu, among a small number of other pokemon, are afraid of going in pokeballs
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