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Time to Panic by Herschel-Hoffmeyer Time to Panic :iconherschel-hoffmeyer:Herschel-Hoffmeyer 716 38
Chapter 5: New Beginnings - Part A
31 Regalla 1585 I.R. - Raidek Desert
    Proximus didn't like that he was surrounded. More, he didn't like that he was unarmed and unarmored while his captors wore both weapons and armor. Still, he had agreed to play nice with these three non-human women and was not keen on pissing any of them off, least of all the avoral with the bow.
    Proximus didn't begin to know where the girls had found additional weapons and armor to that which they had captured him in. Or how they had come by so much in the way of supplies. They were well stocked as they walked through the dunes, and they shared easily among themselves, but not so much with him.
    Honestly, he wasn't surprised. He had come as an enemy to their home village, only to be cast out from the Manticorii. So he was effectively without support among his enemies. Still, they were protecting him as much as guarding, so he figured he might show a littl
:iconempress-of-ravens:Empress-Of-Ravens 2 9
Idernon by Kaprriss Idernon :iconkaprriss:Kaprriss 111 16 Hunt by Herschel-Hoffmeyer Hunt :iconherschel-hoffmeyer:Herschel-Hoffmeyer 578 32
Chapter 4: Confrontations - Part B
Time and Date unknown as time is meaningless on the High Plane
    Shana awoke to a warm and comfortable feeling pressing on her shoulder. A bright light surrounded her as she opened her eyes. She blinked hard and then the image of Honor above her, pressing down on her shoulder filled her vision.
    “Hold still Shana! I am still learning how to heal wounds! And these are tricky. Those daggers were truly wicked,” Honor ordered.
    “What happened? Where are we? And what do you mean heal wounds?” Shana croaked out.
    “You should wait until Honor heals you to ask such heavy questions, Shana,” Sthekka said in her race's hissing speech. “Such a weight will need strength to bear.”
    Shana just laid back on what she was figuring to be one of the most comfortable mattresses she had ever felt and let Honor focus on heal
:iconempress-of-ravens:Empress-Of-Ravens 3 15
Felannar (black\white) by Kaprriss Felannar (black\white) :iconkaprriss:Kaprriss 91 18 Giganotosaurus vs Utahraptor by Herschel-Hoffmeyer Giganotosaurus vs Utahraptor :iconherschel-hoffmeyer:Herschel-Hoffmeyer 85 10 Apex Dinosaur Profile: Tyrannosaurus by Herschel-Hoffmeyer Apex Dinosaur Profile: Tyrannosaurus :iconherschel-hoffmeyer:Herschel-Hoffmeyer 134 14 Sontur by Kaprriss Sontur :iconkaprriss:Kaprriss 92 18
Chapter 4: Confrontations - Part A
13 Asural 1585 I.R. - Raven's Sanctuary, Raidek Desert
    The entire village of Raven's Sanctuary was gathered for probably the most spectacular party the village had ever thrown. It was Shana's birthday again, but it was far more than a simple case of a drow turning from girl to woman at age seventeen, it was her official graduation from the two trainings she had spent the last six years honing. There were decorations, probably the largest cake ever baked, roasting goats, and live music from multiple bands. All that and plenty of Sanctuary Apple Wine to go around.
    Raolla smiled with pride as Shana demonstrated a firm control of her magic, in conjunction with expert sword play. It had taken years of work, but the frustrated teen was now an accomplished and capable mage. No one was prouder of her than Raolla.
    Raolla had even stopped caring that Shana was buck naked. In the village at this hour,
:iconempress-of-ravens:Empress-Of-Ravens 2 5
Lord Durbar by Selenada Lord Durbar :iconselenada:Selenada 640 34
Chapter 3: Reunions and Rebellions
15 Janfur 1579 I.R. - Raven's Sanctuary, Raidek Desert
    Lassa was looking at the village as her small caravan approached the outskirts. The first thought that hit her was that it hadn't really changed. Then she noticed the ravens. She had initially thought them the standard buzzards circling, until the massive murder went up suddenly. Then the loud boom echoed through the empty dunes. There was a little cry, then all calmed down again.
    She looked back into the wagons as they approached. It hadn't taken as long as she had thought it would to find all of Raolla's relatives. Lanic's parents were long dead in Lannoside from plague, but Raolla had a number of nieces and nephews she was about to meet for the first time. Her success had been her last mission as far as she and the Liberation Force was concerned. She had been met by a direct representative for the leadership and told in no uncertain terms to get her ass to
:iconempress-of-ravens:Empress-Of-Ravens 4 5
Chapter 2: Mentor - Part B
25 Asural 1577 I.R. - Small human village on the edge of the Koresh Jungle, the former drow empire.
    Sergeant Gannon glared down at the fresh corpse of the man at his feet. Several other people, all humans, were hiding in various places in the small tavern. He normally enjoyed the terror of these pathetic peasants when he went by, but not this day. He had just found a lead he desperately needed, and the man killed himself rather than reveal the information. Just pathetic.
    He had been stalking the Koresh jungle for three years now. And that was after four working the Valek Jungle, where the Sthein originated. Now it looked like he had hit another dead end. He sighed, and closed his eyes and thought hard. The man who had just killed himself rather than give up his secret was a single bachelor with no children or other known family. That left friends as possible avenues. Not that Gannon had ever had any real luck with
:iconempress-of-ravens:Empress-Of-Ravens 2 11
Maedhros by Kaprriss Maedhros :iconkaprriss:Kaprriss 422 76
Chapter 2: Mentor - Part A
12 Asural 1577 I.R. - Village of Raven's Sanctuary deep in the Raidek Desert
     Raolla watched from where she sat at the weaver's loom as Shana played in the village square. Some years ago, the village had simply been known to the inhabitants simply by the unimaginative name of “Sanctuary.” Then she and Shana had come, and the ravens soon followed. Most of the village had been completely unnerved when the birds started appearing en mass. However, as time has passed, they simply became part of the scenery, and so common that the new name “Raven's Sanctuary” seemed at first a joke, and then stuck as it was far too apt a name. Raolla simply couldn't count the number of the black feathered birds that had come to roost in the village.
    Still, the village had simply become hers and Shana's home since they came. Even the Warrens weren't this welcoming and interconnected. How she wished her husband Lanic could have been here
:iconempress-of-ravens:Empress-Of-Ravens 3 3
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Open Window To The Nightmare Part 6 :iconduosmexymaxwell:DuoSmexyMaxwell 1 11


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