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Pleated skirt tutorial - Kagome Higurashi.

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First of all, if there is any of you who were looking forward to the second part of my Mikasa jacket, I am terribly sorry, but I messed up the jacket, so until I find a way to fix it, I thought about working on another costume, while crying like a little baby. Be careful how you trim your costumes! I cut too much from the front. x.x But the second part of the tutorial should be here soon, maybe within a week or two.

As for this skirt, I never imagined I'd ever be able to make a pleated skirt, I'm so happy with how it came out. :D
And I'm really excited about the cosplay too! I hope this'll be helpful for you fellow cosplayers! 
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Faving this for future reference :)
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So how do you keep the seam in the back invisible(ish)? The part that would keep the zipper on and also sew up the back of the skirt?
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You sew the zipper a little bit underneath the fabric - not really close to the edge, where you'd normally sew it. This hides it. Then sew it down to 'close' the skirt. I'm not sure I'm too good at explaining at 2 am. I might rephrase my answer tomorrow x.x'
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That answers my question perfectly! Thank you so much! This is my first time sewing anything more than a button and I'm trying to figure it all out in my head. xD Your tutorial is incredibly helpful!
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Oh, it did? :D I'm glad! And don't worry, this was my first time sewing a skirt, so I had to patch it up to look nice on the outside, but it still had a lot of mistakes. We learn as we practice. Good luck! 
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Thaxs for tutorial
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about how much does the fabric cost? and where did you buy it from? i need a skirt sorta like this for a hibike euphonium cosplay.
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I got the fabric from the local fabric store. The fabric is called minimat and over here it costs about 9 RON (2-3 dollars) / meter. 
I suppose the prices differ from country to country, but it shouldn't be too expensive where you live either. :)
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What type of fabric did you use ?
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Using a pleated skirt for my next cosplay. This is massively useful
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You're welcome and good luck! :D I'll make a new type of pleated skirt tutorial soon (the skirts for Vampire Kight girl uniforms), so you can check that out too. ;)
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THIS is the one I wanted
thank you so much
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You're welcome! :D I'm happy you found what you needed.
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I Plan on doing an umbreon gijinka school girl style and this will be superbly helpful !!!! I was wondering how tall you were to see if this would be a good length for me? I am 5ft 7inches.
                             Thank you in advance!!!
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This is so cute! I'm gonna have to try it in the future.
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I tried out the hidden zipper thing and it came out great!
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This is exactly what i needed! 
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I, too, am making a Ryuuko cosplay in the future. This. Is. Perfect!
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This will come in handy when I make Ryuko.
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Your zipper looks amazing! I can never seem to hide it that well.
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