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Clay horns tutorial - Elfen Lied / Lucy.

By neptunyan
They didn't come out as good as I was hoping, but it's still something.

OH AND this weekend I am planning to do my first cosplay photoshoot for this year! Maybe I'll shoot a video too! I'm so excited! :D

This tutorial works for any type of horns, as long as they're smaller horns, because bigger horns may be too heavy for the bobby pins to support them. I need to find other materials to work with than clay. ._.
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I am going to be making these this weekend for a Halloween party - Thanks! Clap 
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You're welcome! And have fun at the party! :D
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The horns that I make are a base of aluminum foil, paper/masking tape, wood glue, a little hot glue(if needed - most of the time I do need hot glue), a headband(since when I do horns I actually hide the headband using my hair because I have yet to cut it again), and whatever paint(s) that I feel like using that day.

Using that method, the horns are light and sturdy. I have a total of 2 different sets of horns at this time (one like a ram and one like a deer) and I used those materials to make it work. Originally, the tutorial said to use paper mache and gesso to harden the horns but in all honesty, a good thick coat of Elmer's Wood Glue makes them light and study.
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Awesome tutorial, thanks for sharing! :D
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You're welcome, I'm happy you like it! :D
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Maybe papier-mâché? That would be nice and light. Maybe not the most sturdy material, though.
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