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Bow, Arrows and Quiver Tutorial.

By neptunyan
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WARNING - longass tutorial. This took me a lot to make, ugh, and it might seem a bit tiresome to read, but I didn't want to make a separate tutorial for each accessory in particular ( that would've been too short ).

Ah, anyway, you can use tips from this tutorials for any kind of bows and arrows, not only for a Kagome costume. With this, my costume is complete ( as much as I could sew and craft by myself, at least ). All I need is a pair of knee length socks, shoes, and some shiny pieces of glass to pretend they're the Sacred Jewel.

I'm not sure when I'll do a photoshoot / video for Kagome, because I got a job now ( in parallel with going to school ), so my time will be a bit limited, at least for the following two months. x.x

Have fun crafting stuff!
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What kind of glue did you use? I've used three different types already and none of them worked :(
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Super glue! That's the brand we call it here, you can ask at the store for that type of glue that comes in small doses but it's really strong. It's used for household purposes, or to glue shoes. :D
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Ahh ok! I ended up trying again with hot glue and managed to get it this time. Just took more patience and needle nose pliers!
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Amazing!I'll do my for my cosplay S2
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I am going to use this for an OC that I made it is better than buying one
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Definitely! I wish you good luck! :D
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This idea for a quiver is great!! I was just gonna find a container and glue on some leather. But this makes it so much more authentic!! :D
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Thank you! :D It's fairly easy to make too, good luck and have fun.
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I'm making a Madoka Kaname cosplay, and the bow part helps so much, the bow costs like $95! This saved me so much money! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!
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Oh wow, that's a lot. o_o
But I'm glad I could help.

You're very welcome! :D
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What kind of clay did you use?
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just what i needed, many thanks <3
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You're welcome!
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Best tutorial ever
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Oh, thank you! :blush:
Sassatelli17's avatar
I'm planing on doing it.
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Good luck! :D I hope it goes well! If you get stuck somewhere, you can ask me for help and I'll see what I can do. :D
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thank you for the sweet tutorial :)
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amazing! thanks so much for making this :D
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Awesome tutorial, I'll keep this in mind if I ever cosplay a character with a bow :)
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Thank you! I'm happy you find it appealing, and I wish you good luck crafting and sewing costumes! :D
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