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Attack on Titan jacket tutorial - details.

By neptunyan
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Finally I've figured out how to fix my jacket and I managed to finish it!
However, I was half asleep while making this tutorial ( still am ), so if I've made any mistakes, grammatical or of other types, do forgive me. I was too impatient to wait until tomorrow to finish it. It's 3 a.m. omg. But I'm still so excited that I finished it and it looks...well, at least acceptable! :D

I hope you'll find it useful!
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wow looks awesome!
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I'm using a regular kind of fabric and not the synthetic leather shown here, will the collar still stand up? 
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It depends on the fabric. If the texture is a bit 'stiff', then it would stand up, but 
if not, you can draw a copper wire through it to fix it in place, or cut a plastic
shape and slip it in between the folded fabric to hold it up. But first you can try to
sew it here and there at the back and maybe that'll be enough to hold it still. :)
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Thank you for the help! =D

I've added the collar, and it actually looks pretty good. It's a little floppy, but I kind of like it. I ended up not folding it over though. The width was perfect, but I made it a little too short; I made two other collars already and as long as it looked fine I didn't mind.  Again, your tutorials are lifesavers! When it's finished I might upload a picture of it. 
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Ooh! I'm happy for you! :D You're always welcome and I'm happy
I could help. And let me know when you upload a pic, I'm curious
how it came out!
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Definitely! You'll be the first to know. =D
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I've already tried this for 2 jacket attempts first one I used a not good fabric second on I fucked up the sleeves so NOW FOR JACKET ATTEMPT NUMBER 3
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This is actually one of the best tutorials I've ever seen(Including your last AOT one. It kinda makes me want to marry you thank you so much. These jackets were killing me!)
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Thank you so much! It's really encouraging hearing this kind of things from people. :D
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You're quite welcome!
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This is actually pretty helpfull, even for other cosplay jackets :) I couldn't find a good one to make my Idolmaster jacket for Takane, but now it makes sense with the lapels :D Just need to modify the pattern a bit ^^
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I'm happy to hear that! Good luck with your costume. :D
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OMG this is so helpful!!! Usually, my mom sew all my clothes for cosplay, but now I want to make this jacket by myself and I had no idea of how to start. I already did the basic shape on paper (miniature) and it came out good, now it´s time to do it on real scale. Thank you so much for this! :D   
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You're very welcome! :D
I'm happy you want to try sewing it yourself, it's really fun and worth it in the end.
Have fun and good luck, and if you get stuck somewhere, don't hesitate to ask any questions!
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I had never sewn before and wanted to try making my own costume instead of buying one like I usually do. I decided to cosplay as sasha from AoT, and found your tutorial for the jacket and you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how much this helped me. I bought the fabrics and followed the instructions word for word and I was actually able to successfully make the jacket. THANK YOU sooooooo much :)
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:D Good work!
I'm really happy for you, and especially happy that you decided to make it yourself instead of buying it, it's different wearing a costume made by yourself than just buying one, it has more feel to it. xD

Have fun cosplaying, and thank you for the nice comment, it really made my day!
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Thank you! It's very hard to find a reliable tutorial for the jackets! Thank you, again!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Woah, you're very welcome! :D I'm happy you find it useful!
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thank you for tutorial :)
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Thank you for this tutorial and for the emblem one, I'm going to Comic Con this year as one of my SNK characters, I have the cape done and the next thing on my list was the jacket so thank you :D
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You're very welcome! I hope you'll have a great time at Comic Con. :D
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