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Attack on Titan Emblem Tutorial - Survey Corps.

By neptunyan
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I think at some point I promised one of these - it may not be as easy to sew as others things I did so far, but it's definitely worth it. As mentioned in the tutorial, you need to practice, to keep trying, it may not look too good upon first try, but I encourage you guys to try over and over again until you get it right.
Because it's not impossible to make one.

I hope this helped, and good luck! Get lots of chocolate, tea, and kitties and doggies to keep you company. :D
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How long does It take to make one
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Depends on your experience with embroidery; the first few attempts may turn out bad and they'll be more tedious, but once you're more experienced, you work faster. The last (correct) one I did took me about 2 hours, given I already knew how to avoid mistakes and I didn't waste time correcting them. 

worth giving it a try though. :D
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thank you very very much for this tutorial, it is really helpfull. I have one question, do you sew everything on the paper? like everytime you sew a feather you push the needle throught the grey material and the sheet of paper as well??? if yes, how do you remove the paper after?
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Hey, thank you! And you're welcome. And yes, you sew it over the paper
as well - which is why I suggested paper, instead of cartboard, because it's
easier to sew through it. The purpose of the paper is to 'stabilize' the fabric,
in case you don't have one of those professional fabric stretchers for embroidery,
whatever you call them...

Anyway -  after you're done, just gently rip the paper off. It'll come off easy
anyway, because all the holes the needle leaves behind will kind of 'cut out'
the paper anyway, so it'll peel off. 

I hope it'll work for you, good luck!
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Thanks!! Now i Finally Get a Survey Corp Symbol! :D
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You're welcome! :D
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This is actually awesome. I want to make a AoT costume, and I think I'll be able to make this emblem hand stitched. looks awesome. 
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This is so helpful. Thank you very much for this tutorial. I'm gonna need it if I ever choose to cosplay AoT.
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Ah, thank you! And you're very welcome. :3 I hope you do cosplay AoT, it's fun at conventions!
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I was just happy to see someone actually homemaking this costume. I see many bought versions, the same with Lightning FF13-1.
I think every cosplay is fun but i guess you mean there are a lot of AoT cosplayers at conventions.
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Bought versions are alright too, but it's always an amazing feeling wearing something handmade by yourself, after all the struggles of sewing and figuring it out. xD

And yes, I agree all cosplays are fun - but I've had a personal experience with AoT at the last convention I went to - there weren't many of us, but we naturally stayed in character and we did a lot of crack larp, which was crazy and fun. xD So it left me with a really good impression.
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Yeah sure, I agree with you.
You know what? I'm going to make this AoT-cosplay happen soon.
I need a costume for the cold days anyway and Lightning Retruns can wait.
Thank's for the inspiration.:happybounce: 
Let's hunt some giant naked people .
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hey do you think u could do a tutorial on the MP badge as well? :) x
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Military Police? The one with the Unicorn?...

I definitely will. Unicorns are my family. Bl

It may take a while, however, since I need to move out, then back in the school dorm, but as soon as I'll make it, I'll show upload a tutorial for it! :D
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yaay! unicorns!!! :D
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Ah, I finally found you. *-* You asked me a while ago to do a MP emblem, so I did. :D I hope it'll be helpful for you! You can find it in the tutorial folder in my gallery!
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Awesome~! Thanks so much for making this tutorial!
I do have a question though! What did you do for your big, back emblem? 
This technique or a different one?
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I painted the one on the back. :D
And thank you! I'm happy you like my tutorial.
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ThanX for responding! Keep up the awesome cosplaying~! :D
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For those a little more experienced, instead of using paper, you should use a loop. It'll hold the fabric much better and much tighter for smoother stitches, as well as being pretty inexpensive a thing to buy. Also, if you use proper embroidery thread then a single fold will be enough, instead of a double fold, which might be harder to control. ^_^

Otherwise, very nice tutorial for starters to embroidery! 
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A loop is when theres the 2 circles, one outside and one inside that you can tighten/loosen, right? Cause I think I have one that I used for cross-stiching....
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