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Attack on Titan Belts / Harness Tutorial - Part 1

By neptunyan
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WELL FINALLY. I managed to finish and upload this already. The only thing which kept me from doing it sooner is that I wanted to include that skirt thing around the hips in it too, but I decided against it, cause I can't figure it out yet.

I decided to start with the bottom part, because I like bottoms. ;D
Justkidding, omg. >_>
Ignore that, I don't know how to make jokes.

Alas, Part II and Part III will come up soon, sooner than this one, I hope.
I also hope it's not too hard to follow, I confused myself at some point. Good luck!
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GravelstepStudent General Artist
This helped me a lot, thank you!!!!
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You're welcome! ~
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Lia-Storms3Student Photographer
This helped me a lot I had to remake part of my harness and this will help
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You're welcome! :D
xLuckyLucy's avatar
xLuckyLucyStudent Artist
It's really blurry for me ;-; how do I make it clearer?
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Try downloading it. It usually shows it full size. :)
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xLuckyLucyStudent Artist
Yay it worked! Sorry I'm still kinda new to DA 😅 but thanks!
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You're welcome! :D
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Jewsters1986Hobbyist General Artist
this is the exact same way i did mine lol, glad to see i'm not the only one who thought of this
Btw your jacket tutorial is going to come in very handy for me in a few weeks, so glad I found 
it, it's going to make life a lot easier :la: :woohoo:
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AdorableJokerHobbyist Artist
saved! Thank you!
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You're welcome! :D
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NostiqueHobbyist General Artist
This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much! <3
IAmTheVeryBadArtist's avatar
IAmTheVeryBadArtistHobbyist Artisan Crafter
ohmygosh im gonna freaking cry


You have no freaking clue how much I needed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE TUTORIALS, MY GOSH. THANK YOU SO MUCH. 

I'm going to go eat your gallery now
neptunyan's avatar
Thank you! :D I'm happy you find them useful and I hope you'll enjoy making your costume!
IAmTheVeryBadArtist's avatar
IAmTheVeryBadArtistHobbyist Artisan Crafter
You're so very welcome!

It also really helps how you explain how to make a sewn on harness that is attached to the costume. Those big expensive harnesses are needlessly complicated and ridiculous looking

This is my first cosplay and I am really, really excited. I've loved AoT/SnK for a while now. I still need to get caught up with the manga tho.
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zeldaloverartmanHobbyist Artist
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ILovsTicciTobyStudent Artist
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great tutorial!
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Thanks for sharing - this is so helpful! I've been trying to figure out how the leg straps were done here (…) and now it doesn't look as daunting as I initially thought!
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LocosplayHobbyist General Artist
I'm having a lot of trouble holding up the thigh belts, any advice on that except for sewing or glueing them to the pants?
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You could sew them directly to the pants, but not completely. Just on either side of your legs a little bit, and they'll stay. :)
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krustyismyname1Hobbyist Traditional Artist… I made one and this tutorial was incredibly helpful, thank you so much :iconhappyhappyplz:
neptunyan's avatar
Omg, it looks amazing! You did a great job! :D I'm so happy my tutorial was helpful, but I can tell you put a lot of effort too! Have fun at the convention and good luck with future costumes! :D
krustyismyname1's avatar
krustyismyname1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks :D
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