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Special thanks to VictoryBellEnd for letting us use his Team Digsite for this story. 

REWARD: Customization Voucher

Helmond let out a deep sigh. "You know, this isn't what I imagined it to be like."
"What? Being a hunter?" Cordelia replied from her perch.
"Yeah. You know, things like hunting ninjas aren't supposed to be… Boring."
Cordelia shifted her weight to another branch to make sure she had a better view over the clearing. She shielded her eyes from the setting sun, trying to scan the crowd below her.
"Boring?" she said, "You mean you expected hunters to just gung-ho onwards, tackling criminals left and right?"
"Yes, actually." He picked up a leaf, then started chewing it.
"Should've joined those guys over there then."

The servine pointed across the clearing. Two figures, a yamask with a bowtie and a hatted drilbur, clumsily made their way through the crowd. Where others were making their way to one of the many swellow birdhouses - which were unreasonably popular with tourists for some reason - these two waded against the current of 'mons, making their way to something. It took Cordelia a while to spot him, but then she saw: A greninja was gracefully weaving his way past the tourists, away from his pursuers. Within a second of her spotting him, the ninja disappeared into a cloud of thick mist.
"There he is!" Cordelia shouted down at Helmond. "Twelve o'clock, coming this way… I think."
The crowd split, a few voices screaming about the fog rolling into town. The greninja was nowhere to be seen. The drilbur had started limping, and then stopped entirely. His teammate readied a shadow ball, but then made up his mind and helped him.
"He used a haze attack… Ice-type. See if you can find him somewhere! He should be white now, Helmond!" She climbed down from her vantage point, and looked around. "Helmond?"

Helmond ran as fast as he could. Well, running was a big word, but it was still pretty impressive for a wurmple. He'd seen pictures of greninja in his sister's colouring book, so he knew what to look for. Triangular head, long limbs with those finger things, and of course the scarf. He'd find their criminal in no time at all, and then they'd be heroes. A plan worthy of a true hunter. Now he'd just have to find him.

Of course he'd run off. She knew it from the day he met him; Helmond was an impulsive, irresponsible child. On one hand, she didn't want him to get hurt. She was his team leader after all; she was supposed to take care of him. But on the other hand… he needed to learn what a dangerous game he was playing. Contrary to what his comic books or whatever made him believe, children weren't hunters. They didn't chase down criminals, they didn't explore dungeons, they didn't bring home mysterious artefacts. That was something reserved for those who'd learned to take care of themselves. She wasn't here to babysit him on his great adventure. She was here to protect the helpless, not hold them by the hand.

"Got him!" When Cordelia found her accidental teammate again, he was beaming with pride. Next to him was, to her surprise, the ninja. Pinned to the ground with a sticky net surging with electricity, and there wasn't even any collateral damage.
"You… You got him," Cordelia admitted.
"Yep, that's what I just said." Helmond turned around to taunt his catch with an undoubtedly very witty one-liner.

But he was gone.

"Wait, how-" was all he could utter before he got launched into the air. 
The ground below him erupted, and the now brown ninja leaped after him. He plucked the wurmple from the air and crashed back down into the earth again. They both disappeared underground.
"Helmond!" Cordelia screamed, as she shot her vines into the newly dug tunnel.
When she pulled them back out, she was holding a very confused Helmond by his rear spikes. His scarf was even dirtier than before.
"Hey Cory!" he murmured, "I got him good!"
"Don't ever do that again," she pleaded, as she gently put him down on the grass.
He shook his head, and the shine in his eyes returned. "No, we have to go after him!"
"What? After he almost killed you?" Cordelia said, and she continued with absolute authority. "No way. I'm not letting that happen again. I'm bringing you home right now. This game of yours is over, Helmond. Actually, I wasn't even intending to play it."
"But… But that was nothing!" Helmond's voice was a strange mix of toughing it out and almost crying. "Just a scratch. And besides… We've got this."
Cordelia followed his gaze, and saw something on the ground. A yellow strand of thread, crackling ever so faintly. It led straight into the tunnel.

--- --- ---

"Alright. New rule," Cordelia grumbled, brushing the dirt off her shoulders. "No puppy eyes from now on."
"It worked, didn't it?" Helmond said cheerfully, reeling in his electroweb. "Just watch. We're gonna have him real soon."
The two followed the thread deeper into the forest. The path was narrow and faded, but it was there. Their ninja hadn't left footprints, but his unwanted leash was more than enough. Just when Cordelia was about to ask why he hadn't cut the wire yet, they entered another, smaller clearing. Near the edge, she saw the greninja trying to cut the webbing around his ankle with some sort of improvised throwing dagger turned knife.

"Remember Helmond, we're doing this my way now," Cordelia calmly said.
"You. Kid," the greninja spoke. "Why are you still chasing me? I thought I scared you enough."
Helmond stayed quiet. It was hard, but that was the task Cordelia gave him. She'd do the talking, he'd do the walking.
"We have orders to take you in." She was still calm, and didn't make any preparations to attack.
"I heard. Why don't you try?" He was still sitting down, cutting at the thread, but she could see he repositioned his wrist. One wrong move and she'd have a knife flung in her general direction.
"We will. But I want to tell you something first."
"How interesting. Is it about how much of an evil bastard I am, or about how futile resistance is?"
"Two fractures in both legs, a split kneecap, one broken arm and clavicle, a concussion and a severed tail." Cordelia summed it up without batting an eye.
"I can guess who you're referring to. Poor idiot. So you're threatening me," he concluded. "That's new."
"Actually, no." Cordelia gestured to the town behind her. "I'm warning you about what happened to your friend when he resisted. The same might happen to you when… one of the less subtle teams stumbles upon you. On the other hand, there's ice cream."
He briefly paused hacking at his ankle. "Excuse me?"
"That's what happened to your other friend when he didn't resist." Cordelia shrugged. "What I'm saying is, you can continue fighting for a lost cause in a town full of hostiles if you want, and probably end up very hurt and eventually don't gain anything from it. Or you can do the sensible thing and spare yourself the pain, effort and energy. For us, it's all the same."

He stopped cutting again, and stared at the thread around his ankle. His kunai struck the soil with a muffled thud. He sighed through his scarf.

"I told him it'd never work."
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