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RWBYDimension Neptunia Omake 1 by Neppedupplayer RWBYDimension Neptunia Omake 1 :iconneppedupplayer:Neppedupplayer 5 0
RWBYDIMENSION Neptunia Chapter 6

RWBYDimesnion Neptunia
Chapter 6
Spears and Gears
With so much bonding its hard to break their friendship.
With so much gaming, its hard to even beat the best of the best.
But all will know one thing
It twas Beauty that killed the beast.
Neptune and Co. went to the city.
"We finally made it!" said Neptune.
"Now all we have to do is find a book store and wait for Blanc there." said Noire.
"That is our best guess." said Nepgear. "Should we ask for directions?"
"We are new to this world so we should." said Uni.
"Well let's goask someone." said Noire.  "Come on Nep-"  Noire turns to Neptune to sees that she isn't with the group. "Tune...."
"She's already lost?" Uni asked.
" we have to look for her." Noire sighs exh
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BLSM: Lavender Trailer

Able to feel it...
But unable to show it....
What will it take.....
To show the world.... how I truly feel...?
A girl is walking around throughout the town wearing a special mask and holding a comedic big pen. Her face is being covered by a mask.
She was walking around a desolated city. The girl is looking around at the place that was once her home.
"Why....? Why did it have to be this way...?" she asked sadly.
The girl start digging through the rubble and soon come across a stuffed bear.
As the girl looks at the bear's ruined body and its beady eyes, the girl hugs it and comforts it. "Don't worry.... I'll take care of you." she said.
Soon a bunch of thugs c
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RWBYDimension Neptunia Updated Title by Neppedupplayer RWBYDimension Neptunia Updated Title :iconneppedupplayer:Neppedupplayer 8 2 RWBYDimension Neptunia: Violet Rose by Neppedupplayer RWBYDimension Neptunia: Violet Rose :iconneppedupplayer:Neppedupplayer 5 0
BLSM: Bubbles Trailer

That's all that I'll ever have.....
I don't want anyone else...
I don't need anyone else....
All I want.... is me....
The field is filled with snow. There are dead trees everywhere. And one lone girl is trudging through the field. As she trudges, people in groups or in pairs are happily chatting left and right. She chose to ignore it and still walks forward.
Pretty soon she reaches a lone tree and started to rest.
"...Hmph. I don't need anyone with me. I'm fine with being alone..." she said.
The girl looks up in the grey sky.
Soon the girl heard some growling. She peeks from the tree and sees some beowolves coming towards her.
"Tch... just my luck." said the
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Strife Neptune vs Ruby Rose by Neppedupplayer Strife Neptune vs Ruby Rose :iconneppedupplayer:Neppedupplayer 3 0
RWBYDimension Neptunia Chapter 5

RWBYDimension Neptunia
Chapter 5
Purple goes well with Black
Powers that comes within.
Strength that flows in you.
Focus on the power of faith and you'll gain
Power that's beyond others.
Nepgear is in one of Beacon's lab classroom and started working on something.
"I do say, that this Nepgear person is quite a scientist." said Oobleck
"Nep Jr. did make a lot of things. She even once made a super potent energy drink called Nep Bull Ex." said Neptune.
"Really?" Yang asked.
"So how did it turn out?" Ruby asked.
"It's super popular!" Neptune replied proudly. "For an energy drink to heal both your health and restore SP to it's maximum stats, every store in Gamindustri have to sell it in such a high amount."
"It's a collaboration an
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BLSM Trailer by Neppedupplayer BLSM Trailer :iconneppedupplayer:Neppedupplayer 3 2
RWBYDimension Neptunia Chapter 4

RWBYDimension Neptunia
Chapter 4
Battle Bond
Forming a bond takes time.
People must spend time together through everything.
Through their triumphs. Through for hardships.
Through happiness. Through sadness
To start a bond, One must be able and to be willing to approach another.
And sometimes, to start a bond, one must...
(Vale/Emerald Forest-Day)
Team RWBY are fighting against many beowolves to protect the Nep Sisters due to their lack of weaponry that can be found and made in Remnant, but the Nep sisters are holding their own quite well much to their and Roman's dismay.
Nepgear uses her special Mirage Dance attack on one of the beowolves with Neptune finishing it off with her Victory Slash move.
"All right! That's it!" Roman said
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Pluto is becoming a planet again?! by Neppedupplayer Pluto is becoming a planet again?! :iconneppedupplayer:Neppedupplayer 9 8
RWBYDimension Neptunia Chapter 3

RWBYDimension Neptunia
Chapter 3
Purple Progress
Fighting for those dear in your heart. Protect all who you love.
That what makes you a strong person. That what makes you a true hero.
Neptune is running through the hallways trying to find a way out of the Academy, while Team RWBY is right behind her trying to catch up.
"Neptune! Wait!" Ruby cried.
"Do you even have a plan of attack?" Weiss asked.
"I have a plan. I go there, and nep those wolves black and blue!" Neptune said proudly.
"Yeah. Great plan. Cain't wait to see that one flop." said Blake.
Soon Neptune stops running and turns to Team RWBY, which made them stop suddenly.
"You don't think I can do it huh?" Neptune asked.
"You're A Goddess who can transform but can't due to being in this wo
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Assassins in love by Neppedupplayer Assassins in love :iconneppedupplayer:Neppedupplayer 5 0 Strife Template by Neppedupplayer Strife Template :iconneppedupplayer:Neppedupplayer 1 0
RWBYDimension Neptunia Chapter 2

RWBYDimension Neptunia
Chapter 2
Neptune of Gamindustri
Gamindustri. A land that is unknown to the residents of Remnant.
A girl from that place is telling our heroes of the land she's from.
What kind of place is it? They're about to find out.
(Vale-Beacon Academy/Day)
"Here's what you need to know." said Neptune.
Team RWBY inches closer to listen to Neptune's story.
"I came from a land called Gamindustri." Neptune began explaining. "Gamindustri is a place that is made out of 4 main nations and 2 continents. The 4 nations are Lastation,Lowee,Leanbox, and Planeptune. Each nation have their own Goddesses known as CPUs that runs the nation. I happened to be one of them."
"WHAT?!" Weiss asked by surprised.
"No way!" Yang said in shocked.
Ruby eyes gleams in admiration. "Does
:iconneppedupplayer:Neppedupplayer 6 1
RWBYDimension Neptunia Chapter 1
((Note: This is a crossover story between RWBY and Hyperdimension Neptunia. And the time of the story is set before Beacon got overrun by Grimms. [I'm not that far from the main story yet....]))
RWBYDimension Neptunia
Chapter 1
Fallen Purple Star?
The world of Remnant. A futuristic-fantasy world is made of 4 kingdoms: Vale, Vacuo, Atlas and Mistral.
There are two 
 intelligent species- Humanity and Faunus.
But.... there's is one more creature that roams Remnant....
We call them Grimm. These soulless creatures roams and attacks humans filled with negative emotions.
We, the Huntsman and Huntresses, were trained to save and protect all those who were attacked by Grimms.
We d
:iconneppedupplayer:Neppedupplayer 5 3

I'm going to soon post a special omake featuring Neptune and Ruby. Which pairings do you want to see in a future one? 

3 deviants said Black Ice (Noire & Weiss)
2 deviants said Arctic Cat (Blanc & Blake)
No deviants said Forest Fire (Vert & Yang)


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