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Random Favourites

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Nephilim-Draugwen has started a donation pool!
0 / 4,000
I need your help becoming a core member. I am about to have a baby and cannot afford to spend money on one unfortunately. T.T
If you donate 10 points to me I will gladly sketch one of your characters for you. :)
-Just send me a note after donating with which character you'd like me to sketch.

When I reach my goal and finally have a one year core membership, anyone who donated will be entered into a Raffle for a FREE FULL BODY COMMISSION SLOT!! There might be multiple winners based off the amount of people who donated.
~Each set of 10 points donated buys one entry for raffle. You may purchase multiple entries.

You must be logged in to donate.
No one has donated yet. Be the first!


Full Body with Background
A Full Body with Background commission of your character.

~Shading included with base price.
~Extra difficult backgrounds may cost an additional 25 points.
~Additional characters will be 50 points extra
~Please give me an idea of the type of background you may like upon commissioning or general habitat your character would be found in. Randomly assigned background may not be desirable. 
Character Reference Sheet/ Design
Either one or the other:

1.) A character design, or as some would say an adoptable, by me based off of the species, colors and personality you would like your character to display in a reference sheet. Reference Sheet would NOT be available for download, you would have to come up with your own reference sheet I based off of mine. I don't care if you would like to use the same position or look as long it was in your own drawing style.

~Items and accessories you would like your character to have will be added free for to the reference sheet. Just let me know when you commission me what items you would like to equip them with. 

~Name of character on Reference Sheet are optional. I won't force you to come up with them since I would be creating the design for you after all. If you already have a name I can put it on there if you would like.

2.) A Reference Sheet of an already existing character to Download for Free Use as long as I am given credit upon first use and you keep my watermark on the edge of the Reference Sheet. This is for if you just really like my style or would like a really nice one for an RP/ whatever reason you would may have. 

~Artwork will either be available for free download until you download it Or I can send the image for your use through email after I have posted it in my commissions folder.
~Artwork will not be reported as stolen unless the watermark I put in the corner is removed from the image or cropped out. You may freely use it around the site as you like. Although upon the first post I would really like it if you gave me credit so other deviants may find me.
~Items and accessories you would like your character to have will be added free for to the reference sheet. Just let me know when you commission me what items you would like to equip them with.
Full Body
A Full Body commission of your character.

~ Each additional characters are 25 points extra.
A Traditional Bust of your character.

~Name of the Character in background is optional.
~Anything more than a simple background is 25 points extra.
~Additional characters are 25 points extra.
Character Sketches
Any type of unshaded sketch is acceptable for this type of commission. So please let me know if you would like a icon or full body sketch. I can add the marking outlines like in the 3rd example (singular icon sketch), if you would like. If not, than please make sure you tell me your characters personality so I can at least capture that within the sketch. 

~Additional characters will be 5 points extra each.
~Adding a background and pencil shading, like shown in last two examples, will be 25 points extra.
~If you go through Donation Pool on my page you get entered in a raffle for a Free Full Body Commission Slot. (See info above for details.)


:iconapocalipsepony: :icontu-re-lu: :iconjordanmireldis: :iconcatnamedjack: :iconmaxria: :iconxwolfprincex: :icondirgeofdreams: :iconfirewolf1117: :iconfrostprism: :iconbaltorigamist:




Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Names you can call me by: Kristi, Kris, Neph, Draugwen or Lady Wolf; If you come up with a good nickname for me that I approve of than you may also call me by that.
Old Accounts on DA: :iconangelonthehorizon: :iconthewerewolvesrevenge:
Age: 23
Relationship status: Happily taken as of June 2, 2017.
Artist Type: Animal/ Canine Artist

I would just like to say, feel free to message me about anything; Even if you are just looking for someone to chat with. I am about to be a stay at home mom and I encourage the idea of holding a conversation with someone, other than my fiance. I would even go as far to say, I wouldn't mind to have some more friends here on DA as well. If you just have a question or a statement that is fine too; I will even take constructive criticism. Just send me a note and I will get back to you as soon as I can~! ^.^

Art Status:
~Paypal Commissions: Open & 50% Off!
~Point Commissions: Open & 50% Off!
~Art Trades: If you are an active watcher & submit work often, feel free to send me a note to Ask Me. [Current offer to anyone who is interested; offer is in effect until October 31st, 2018.]
~Request Slots: Slots will open for ONE WEEK at 150 watchers; Currently Watcher Count: 28
~Free Art: Giveaways will happen often and two are currently ongoing; A free to participate feature me giveaway & the donation pool giveaway on the left hand side of profile.

What I Draw:
~Animals- Canines and Felines are my favorite but I will draw almost any animal
~Animal Hybrids- I will attempt any mix that you may come up with~!
~Fantasy Creatures- Includes existing, like dragon, griffens, unicorns, ect and non-existing creatures, which would be one you personally created.
~Chibi versions of your animal/ fantasy creature characters.
~If you don't see something you would like me to draw feel free to ask. Even if I cannot at that time I am more than willing to practice so I can in the future.

Artwork Steps:
1.) Sketch Character
2.) Sketch Background (if there is one)
3.) Marker outlines
4.) Shading
5.) Colorization & Highlights

Depending on the type of commission or piece of artwork certain steps might not be taken
  • Listening to: Contra by Logic
  • Watching: Reba
  • Drinking: Coffee ^.^

**This Journal Updates Often**

*Okay so I decided to stay with this account, rather than trying to go make another one. I found a way to finally upload my art, even though I am still waiting on getting my new desktop and drawing tablet; But all that means is that I am restricted to Traditional art for the time being. ~ (Message from: 7/13/18)

*Remade this Journal as a new one to make it easier to find this might happen occasionally it depends on the amount of journals I post which I try not to do too often. I am also 2 weeks away from my Due Date; so if I don't seem that active within the next couple of weeks it would probably be from me going into labor and having my baby. So in other words it is only temporary because this will be my first child and I will be back as and posting as soon as possible. I do apologize in advance for this, especially if I ended up owning anyone any artwork when it happens. ~ (Message from: 9/14/18)

To Do List: 

(This section was last updated on: 9/17/18) 
1.) Art Trade with :icondanartsketches: - My Half: Finished --> Rolling in the Pumpkin Patch; danartsketches's Half: Finished--> My side of the trade
2.) Draw references for any accepted Halloween Adoptable custom I receive through Art Trade offers. Current # to work on: 1 --> Looking for a Cute Halloween Style Adoptable~"
               ~Trick or treat, Pumpkin mask Pup.
3.) Personal Art & Whatnot. Maybe I'll work on some fanart? [Suggestions welcome in the comments below.]
               ~Chibi style of my fursona
               ~Work on a new Character Concept ['Pumpkin Patch' Wolf]

What's Open: 

(Please remember! Soon I will not want to do requests as much since I am having a baby in two weeks and this will be my main income but I will do them here and there.) 
[This section was last updated on: 9/17/18]


*Ask me, I don't mind doing them here and there especially if I like your character or request idea.
**WROS (Watcher's Request Open Slot) - A request giveaway for my watchers that are paying attention. Always first come first serve. If you see WROS in my to do list than be the first to comment on this journal with the TO DO LISTS sections last updated date; if you happen to be the first to do so than you shall receive a request from me.

~However Requests will open at 150 watchers for One Week; I currently have 28.

Art Trades:

*Open for Friends, I am sorry but I do not trust a whole lot of people with this. I have done my half so many times and have had people not return the favor. (I am have an Art Trade Offer going on right now until sometime in October that I will announce on a later date. The less offers I get the longer the it will go on. Latest I want to run this to is October 31st, 2018 though. Info for this offer is found here ---> Looking for a Cute Halloween Style Adoptable~)

Point Commissions:

*Open, just see the commission widget on my page. Every point commission I get will be going towards a Core Membership at the moment. Meaning I will be more willing to be flexible with some on my prices.

Money Commissions:

*Open and always made top priority. I prefer this over point commissions but I won't say no to a commission of any kind. So if you pay me through Paypal I will do a commission for you in any traditional media style you prefer. Whether it's a Painting, Markers and Colored Pencil, Charcoal, Oil Pastel or whatever else you can come up with than that's how it will be done.

~Commission Examples & Prices Found Here -->
 Looking to be Commissioned 50% OFF Sale ~ OPEN

SO if you are looking for or have questions about anything, always feel free to send me a note. I will not bite. I can almost always find a way to get things to work. 



The next couple weeks I wouldn't be surprised if you don't see me posting any super detailed pieces of work. I am a little over a week away from my due date; so for now I decided to work on some personal chibis and icons. (This is so if I go into labor I can still work on them with ease; where they only take me about an hour or two.)

However, I will still be taking on all types of commissions and ongoing offers, such as my art trade offer. Just please don't be surprised if they take a bit longer than usual. In addition, if I don't get to post while in the hospital, I will post anything I complete while there as soon as I can afterwards. 
I am getting sick of listening to my own music lately so recommend me your favorite song so I can listen to, hopefully, something new. Eat Music :music: 

 I listen to a bunch of different genres so don't worry if you think I might not like it. You'd probably be surprised by some of the music I listen to. So just do it and help me find some new music~! Wink/Razz Nod 
Well this is fantastic, I woke up sick this morning.. Sneeze: Ah... ahh.. ACHOO!Disbelief   Don't worry though I will still try to work on some art today but I wouldn't be surprised if I don't make as much progress as I normally would. Dead (RIP) Nuu 
Has anyone else experienced random widgets and their tag line disappearing? It has been happening to me a lot lately and it is getting a bit frustrating. 
Who thinks I should open up a request slot up for a small amount of time? Also what kind of request would you like to be done; Sketch (of any kind), Icon, Full Body no background or Chibi?

*This would be for my watchers only; I would only be opening one for the time being and there has to be enough interest in me doing so. I might keep the slot open for potential other requests depending on how this one goes and how much interest there is in them. 
~Also I am just looking for answers to the two questions above right now. I will not be taking character references or an actual request until after I have made an official decision. 

Thank you for your feedback~!


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