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"No crowns! No titles! Just freedom"

I haven't even finished S4 and I kinda dropped MLP midway, but I still love Luna. I believe this is the first thing she did after being released. Just fly under the light of her beloved moon, feeling the night wind and freedom for the first time in 1000 years.

This piece took me like... I dunno, 4-5 hours maybe? I like it a lot, tho. 

EDIT: Fixed the moon.

Lullaby for a Princess - Singing to the Moon by Nephiam Lullaby for a Princess by Nephiam

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this piece is absolutely stunning. You did a beautiful job in the depiction of the night sky and the blending of it in Luna's mane. In fact if it weren't for the light blue haze that out lines her mane I wouldn't be able to tell were the sky started and her mane began so just great. Plus unlike a lot of other artist you actually show the individual feathers in her wing and give each a definition of their own. My only true downside to this image is that it's to short. I would make it longer so the Luna's body as a whole doesn't look like it was scrunched in to the image in order to fit. But again fantastic job. Oh and now that I look at it. at definition and context to the horizon where the water meets the sky and have it either blend in to it or have something back there so it doesn't look like the world just suddenly stops.