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UPDATE: The artists have now been selected!! thank you to everyone who applied, and i hope you can look forward to the upcoming sales!! GUEST ARTIST TIME AGAIN!!!
I will be looking for 10 artists to make at least 1 on-base spinx design, and optionally a 2nd one! This sale will be in 2 batches, one batch on april 28th, and a 2nd on april 30th!


  • For this opportunity, you will be creating 1-2 spinx designs on a base (the base + examples here). Each design will be selling for $60, and the artist will receive full income from their sale!
  • You will be free to use the common and uncommon gifts and curses on your designs, but only one curse or gift per spinx! There is no theme the designs must follow.
  • Only 10 artists max can be picked!


  • You must be 18 years or older and have a paypal account to apply
  • Must be willing to join the nephfei discord to be added to a guest artist channel
  • dA account must be older than 3 months
  • Previous design experience required, familiarity with spinxyn not mandatory, but you will have to know the species guides. Must be used to constructive criticism!
  • All designs must be completed by the end of april, and within range of the sale days listed at the start of this journal!


  • Username:
  • Discord Handle:
  • Age:
  • Design Examples:
  • Additional Notes:
Applications will be open for a couple days from posting. Please post your forms in the comments below. Artists will be picked afterwards via note!
Please do not be upset if you are not picked as a guest artist- I will be more inclined to pick artists that I feel I can work with best or am mutuals with on dA, simply for ease of management and my personal comfort as the species owner. Please don't let this discourage you from applying, though!
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