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Valentine Wallpaper

A Valetine's day card I made for my girlfriend. Made it from a Tutorial I found Here
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Very nice work :)Probably you could make a larger version to see the details and create it HQ this time :)
NeoZeroX's avatar
Yeah my bad.. It is wallpaper size.. I fixed the full-view now tho :)
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Thank you ;)
Now it is better :D
MyRomeo's avatar
OH noes DD: The link doesn't work. T^T Pretty though!
NeoZeroX's avatar
Yeah looks like the site changed the directory since I did it.. Damn..
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Top notch artwork. I kinda do not believe the tutorial played a big role, you surely are much skilled to be able to come up with a result like that.
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Oh, and i don't recommend you to use it anyhow scaled down. It's a fine graphics that loses the line sharpness when downsized.
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Hey didn't mean to upload it in such a small full-view.. All fixed now!
GaaraxHinata555's avatar
Scott, you should show me some of your artistical tricks next time your over at me and johns house ^^ I need to learn something to help meh ^^ Plz?
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