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Commission time!

I thought I'd make a journal regarding commissions as I'm offering those for both €€€ and points, and I'd like to elaborate some more. Read this if you're interested in buying art!

Please check my front page for examples of what I can do.
Pricing changed per 1 May! April commissioners will still be charged the old prices.


Simple painted bust                    €12.-
Simple painted bust (waist-up)    €20.-
Painted Bust (w/ optional BG)      €35.-
Simple headshot                        One month dA sub

Simple painted bust                  1400
Simple painted bust (waist-up)  2500
Painted Bust (w/ optional BG)    3700
Simple headshot                       One month dA sub

You'll notice that it is pricier if you consider points; this is because dA likes to take a certain % from the actual commission and another % if I want to convert the points to real money, causing a huge net loss for me.
Paypal/bank transfers have fewer additional costs, meaning you'll pay less and I'll receive more. It's a win-win for both of us!


Payment can be done via Paypal, bank transfer (EU) or with dA points. I will send you an invoice for digital goods if you opt for Paypal.

Additional info:

  • Paypal automatically converts currency for you.
  • I'll draw humans, humanoids, animals, anthropomorphic animals, fantasy beasts, furries etc. Inquire if you're interested in something else!
  • I will draw NSFW / gore / horror depending on the subject matter. Inquire!
  • For fullbody pieces or anything else, note me and I'll send you a quotation.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!
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SpeariverHobbyist Digital Artist
I would to commisions two simple painted bust Art

One of a kemonomimi/gijinka and one of an feline anthro character.
If you are still open let me know than I cn send you the details of the characters and the payment (paypall)
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NeozakiHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm still open! I do have a few other commissions I'm working on, though, if you don't mind waiting a bit!
Drop me a note with the details and I'll see what I can do for you :)
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SpeariverHobbyist Digital Artist
That is great, I dont mind to wait. I heard from my friend (bob) that you got a lot of attention with your art, she also told me about your art :p
So I can understand that you got a pretty nice todo list at the moment^^

Di you have a TH? Cause the anthro has only screenshot references but I can authorize you to see her gallery so you can see how others drawn her (for some artists it helps)
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PaleokatStudent Digital Artist
I'm glad you're getting interest and raising prices! Now you can get that sweet art money
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MaxTheDeathWitchHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there! I'll have to think about what I want before I officially ask for a commission, but I love your art!

If you ever do art trades, I'd love to do one!
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NeozakiHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaa it makes me so happy to hear that! Take all the time you need to decide.

I'll let you kow if I ever decide to open trades :)
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