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Diablo 3 - Colorful Wizardry



Title: Colorful Wizardry
Character / Intellectual Properties: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 3 Fan Art - Wizard Illustration

The Character(s) used in this illustration are the property of Blizzard entertainment and i relinquish all rights to what can be done with it, nor may i be able to hold Blizzard Entertainment responsible for any actions taken regarding this Art submission.

Mediums and Software used: Paint Tool Sai. Photoshop Cs5.

---------------In Reflection ---------------

This will be my Third fully digital art piece i have done using a Tablet alone, i feel that with this i am really starting to get used to using the tablet.

Of course a lot of the pain-staking work would not be possibly if it wasn't for Paint Tool Sai being the flexible program it truly is.

In reflection of of this particular piece i've picked up on a few things about how i deal with colors and shading. I've found that i really have no interest in inspiring to photo-realistic coloring techniques and shading that have become the common trend with digital painting and drawing.

Instead, i want to try and improve upon a very simplistic flat look in colors, but very detailed strokes and line work with the shading, i think back in my art classes in high school when my teacher was teaching me the finer points Cross-hating and other pen & ink shading techniques, i really want to full back on those techniques.

The Great comic artist's Jim Lee and Joe Quesada were in my thoughts when drawing this. I grew up being very fascinated with the immense level of detail in their artwork.

I will continue to strive to get better and become more comfortable with using a Tablet, i am very glad i am still my own worst critic.
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This is really amazing Dave, the color palette you used is beautiful and earthy. Also your insane level of detail shines through, especially in the background and the effects of the woman's magic. I also like that you didn't overuse special effects filters in Photoshop as you had in older works. You're definitely getting better at working with the tablet! Keep up the good work, I am always eager to see what you come out with next :)