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- Chapter Twenty Five -
The trio had trooped inside the kitchen to make ham sandwiches accompanied with some leftover potato salad. Then they crashed back outside on the couches – but not to discuss the fragility of multiple universes. Clive brought out a stack of movies to display quite a rich selection of possible relaxation pathways, and apart from Stephanie’s outrageous suggestion to watch all of them, Evanna felt a sense of order return and replace their otherwise panicked and frustrated mindsets.
They spent the rest of the afternoon a million miles away from the cosmic conflict. They didn’t reserve another thought for the Ytemera or attacking eagles or imminent danger, but instead basked in laughing at certain scenes, or pointing in outrage at individual actors, or simply watching and being absorbed into a particular plot. For now the insane principles of their reality was just another story, and that story was now being forgotten for another one on screen.
It wasn’t until the early
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 1 5
This morning, whilst flailing around within my dreams,
I struck out and destroyed an alarm clock; shattered machine.
There lay time broken with its cell detached and cold;
The hands paused and went dormant; having dreams of its own?
Clumsily, I attempted restoration; the cell returned to its position,
- Gracious power returned to the ageless entity -
But lightning struck twice, and again it dropped to the floor,
Releasing cataclysm and a fractured glass pane.
Within this I saw a crack ripple through its frame;
- For a moment, there was a crack in time itself -
And amidst this I realized that time had momentarily froze;
Merely a fraction before other clocks continued their death drum.
And I wondered if one continued to destroy clocks for eternity;
- With endless abandon and continuing the carnage forever -
Would these fractions accumulate to something more substantial?
And that we could actually stop time in its tracks?
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 5 11
The Jester's Flower
The forest splutters out a cacophony
A vibrant theater of purple and gold.
The fireflies create a canopy of lights
And a chandelier of dandelions unfolds.
The jester's flower grows through stones,
Desperately ascending towards the skies above.
It doesn't foresee the harsh cruelty of the woods;
It cannot predict the world's true lack of love.
With mischievous petals of secrecy and plight
The flower is a paragon of shrewd thought.
For even though some can exploit its beauty
It keeps what kings and queens have bought.
The jester's flower asks the trees of the river
Where there is water to feed its roots.
But the brutal heat of hierarchy is greedy,
And will scorch all with the fire it shoots.
The salts of its sweat feed the earth
Bringing forth new flowers of the age.
But for the jester, his audience doesn't care
They simply await the next one on stage.
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 6 7
Queen Cassiopeia
Queen Cassiopeia, beautiful but vain,
Besought with beauty, but too soon with pain.
These four mirrors are your truth and light,
Showing you love, faith, integrity, and sight.
Real beauty comes from inner reflection and truth
And can be preserved far beyond your youth.
Behold, your rhetoric and power fills the skies:
Queen Cassiopeia, a bright star that never dies.
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 1 24
Urban Elemental
If air could talk, it would speak of giants.
Glass behemoths huddling for composure;
Quicksilver avatars cuddling for warmth;
Concrete bridges smuggling trains into tunnels
- vehicles onto freeways; people onto boats;
A metropolis oozing with maddened serenity.
A labyrinth concealing the urban minotaur.
If water could hear, it would listen to cacophony;
Shuddering rubber and asphalt alongside metal;
Blur of graceful pouring and violent tumbling;
Slippery when wet; a tall Starbucks order
- grey nails leeching off elegant marble;
The smile and style of a cloaked Sphinx.
The fight and flight of the dying human.
If fire could see, it would find lights,
An explosion of pixie dust across the ether;
Neon green to sulphur yellow on the streets;
Dressing a colossus in iridescent chainmail;
- unblinking, unwavering, untouchable
Many are never extinguished at all.
Many are lit by the torch of the gods.
If earth could smell, it would detect a tsunami;
Great tides of smog and ash choking the air;
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 2 12
River Of The World
Two emperors met as the sky flushed twilight,
No arsenal or threat; only billow cloaks and a horse.
The surrounding woods were quiet; a vein of dirt
Weaved through its arboreal heart towards a cave.
Inside was damp but not dark; there in the middle
Stood – demure – a silent small battleground.
Two armies poised across the river of the world.
Only wind rustling through the plains and chainmail;
Smooth earth; the pieces were gold upon wood –
Black of night against the fires of passion –
Horse breath waltzed next to deadly steel apexes.
The emperors stood on opposite banks; the river of the world
Made eyes descend from eyes to wood, and fingers to silk.
Minds left behind royalty and took upon raw stratagem;
Artifice necessary to seal ownership of grass and grain.
The cave only held two, but their eyes held thirty more
Nothing but silence – yet the kiss of gold and wood
Stomped in their ears like the hooves of horses –
The fire of cannons; the clamor of men.
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 3 12
When She Cried
You seemed like a wren of snow,
Floating the way angels never did.
I didn’t need to see your face show
To finally find that crown you hid.
The empty path of white grew so still,
It was a silence that could kill.
But as the air warmed, so did you,
And it cleansed my mind of blue.
Fate then pulled strings…it was just you and I.
But like gold that killed the kings…we would die.
Take me wherever the angels go hand in hand,
Show me the keys to the beauty inside.
Let me view the jewels of this winter wonderland.
Just don’t remind me of the time when you cried.
Warm me with a kiss; hot and cold converge,
You and I will write the verse…
To the anthem of heaven that holds the world.
Throw ourselves away just to become one;
The night sky gleamed like pearls…
Yet still we believed that our time was done.
Whisper my name until I fall asleep…
But please don’t leave when I shut my eyes.
We both made ourselves fall into poison…
It seemed the only way to su
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 3 11
- Chapter Twenty Four -
Narnem completed another aerial scan of the sky before settling down on the edge of a pipe gutter. Clive’s large house size was undeniable, but from the rooftops it was even more evident, and Narnem could testify by naming several specific zones on it that appealed to him for reconnaissance, escape, or concealment.
He casually ruffled his wings as a grey minivan rumbled through the neighborhood before him. The driver was a young lady of dyed black hair, which would’ve seemed fairly well-maintained to another human being, but Narnem could see the leg of a hair lice twitch as it gently descended a follicle. He could detect the usually supersonic screeches of the car brakes that foreshadowed their incipient erosion.
And inside the house below him, he could hear every single word that entered the air.
Out of the three human companions, two of them were the Salent. Narnem ran this information through his mind and looked at it with reserved interest. Such a scenario had never occur
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 1 12
- Chapter Twenty Three -
“So for the fifth time…both of you two have the same problem?”
Stephanie shut her eyes tightly and gently rubbed her temples. Meanwhile Evanna and Clive exchanged bemused looks. Since when did the whole dilemma become some sort of disease? True, they were now in the same boat – which wasn’t exactly unsinkable – but the way it flowed out of Stephanie’s mouth…they were headed straight for a waterfall.
Clive’s father was out, so it was just the three of them settled down in the living room. His room still too shredded to be of comfort, and too much of a danger zone to stay in – even with Narnem on watch. Now they decided to lounge around in a much bigger area – one with more obstacles and hiding places – to lower the chance of another close call.
“Both of us, yeah…” Evanna appeased, flicking her fingers between her and Clive, who sat together on the same couch. Sitting in a chair opposite them, St
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 1 5
- Chapter Twenty Two -
The only thing that floated between Evanna and Narnem was silence.
Even the air particles that separated them seemed lifeless and empty. They carried no sounds; they carried no colors; they carried no scents. If Evanna was an omniscient narrator of her own life, then she’d make use of the term pathetic fallacy to describe the situation. Her mood had run into an apathetic standstill, and so had the environment around her.
She felt immensely uncomfortable with the way the connection between them seemed severed. Yet she wanted her companion to break the ice with dialogue first. It didn’t occur to her that Narnem usually didn’t strike up discussion for conversational purposes. It didn’t occur to her that she could just be treating their static with far too much concern, when in fact everything was perfectly normal and didn’t require her excessive pampering.
Nonetheless, after she walked four and a half blocks and cut between several fences to save time, Ev
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 1 22
- Chapter Twenty One -
The Ytemera prowled through the clouds slowly, methodologically. It bore cold orbs of ice for eyes, incessantly searching, incessantly yearning.
Hundreds upon hundreds of eagles formed a scattered cluster in the air. Some flew in the distance, huddled in groups ten strong and checking for signs of enemy attack. Many lingered close by, perambulating aimlessly within the vicinity of their master, awaiting commands and orders.
The Ytemera watched coolly as a passenger airplane flew into view. The aluminum exterior blazed through the heavy clouds impertinently, like a hot knife cruising through cold butter. The plane was approaching the Ytemera, but the eagle overlord nothing to fear. Ordinary humans could not detect its presence; only members of the eleven could.
The aircraft sidled across the horizon, unaware that just several miles away, an otherworldly sight was present, and it had barely managed to become uninvolved. Soon it disappeared behind the clouds; soon it would deliver its pas
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 1 14
- Chapter Twenty -
Evanna woke up naturally. Unlike Clive, who found himself constantly tortured by ravaging nightmares and perturbing fears, she slept gracefully, perhaps due to the reassurance of Narnem’s protection. Or she could’ve owed it to the pure enervation that had clutched her like a boa constrictor suffocates its prey.   
Either way, she woke up just when the skies began to brighten; when the outside world should’ve been crisp gold with the dawn sun, but instead was drowned in the same dreary clouds that everyone had grown accustomed to for the past two entire months.
She yawned quietly and stretched her arms. Her first thought settled upon the revitalized state her mind was in, for though it wasn’t exactly ready to engage in rocket science, she still felt much better than the previous night.
Gently raising herself from the sofa, she realized it was still quite dark, despite the fact that her enhanced eyesight had already overcome this hurdle. She took in her
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 2 6
- Chapter Nineteen -
Clive was excavated violently from yet another nightmare. He darted up from his improvised bed of three chairs and two pillows, sweat coating his body.
The acid green snooze-light of his watch read 4:50am. But he was far from sleep; his mind wild with fear and adrenaline, not soporific cobwebs.
Resonating snores gurgled from somewhere off to his right. His father was enveloped in dreamland – just about as much as his body was wrapped in heavy blankets. The outside world could barely be detected; at most a few crickets chirped tentatively, with one or two birds syncopating with their own melodies.   
He gently raised himself out from the covers, so intently focused on remaining silent that it didn’t occur to him he made a sound until his dad snorted loudly. Only then did he see that his blankets had collapsed to the floor – pillows scattered wildly, fabric strewn in a tangled heap – and he decided to leave it there to avoid making any further clamor.
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 2 12
- Chapter Eighteen
The drink – sweet and roborant – was a potion of rejuvenation. Revitalized, Evanna forgot that it was way past midnight, forgot that she still had a home to reach, and instead sat in the dimly-lit kitchen, elbows propped upon the table like an attentive student.
Clive was outstretched in the seat across from her. His eyes betrayed his separation from the physical world; they were glossed, empty, and about to disappear permanently behind a veil of shock. Anyone could tell he was still fighting to accept the struggle that had taken place. Anyone could tell his mind was a thousand miles away, replaying distorted images in his thoughts over and over again.
His father busied himself. Carried pillows and blankets down the stairs to the couch. Filled his arms with spare clothes. At first Evanna thought he was clearing Clive’s room in order to properly deal with the mess, but later realized that the couch was reserved for her to spend the night in.
“It’s far too late i
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 2 12
- Chapter Seventeen -
Clive slept badly. His mind was plagued by nightmares; the chilling stare of a giant, grey eye would not leave him. A helpless boy in the slow, weak body of a human, he ran through heavy sand while being chased by birds overhead, their shadows imprinted on the ground before him and magnified to traumatic sizes.
He could feel his hunters dive for him, and though many missed as he violently twisted in evasion, one eagle finally hit home; its beak plunging directly through the bloodstain upon his palm, wrenching out excruciating pain that made his voice and his nerves scream in union.
Clive woke up to find himself slapping his hand against his bedpost, hammering sharp pain into him as he tried to chase the illusions away. Covered in cold, dribbling sweat, he glanced at the clock, and found it boasting a luminous green one thirty.
He sat up very suddenly, eyeing the time in disbelief. How could so much tumultuous action have taken place in his dreams within just forty-five minutes? He furr
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 3 8
- Chapter Sixteen -
Descending the headland was easy. A gradual slope of hard rock and compact soil awaited Evanna and her feathered friend, and together they proceeded to quickly leave the open, exposed hilltop and reach a safe, concealed shelter.
In other words, Evanna was itching to get back home. She had a mother to gently appease, and an entire universe of new principles and dangers to properly absorb. For now, with the frightening prospect of facing another attack still overhead, she remained vigilant and wary, despite the late hour when she should’ve already been at peace under the bed sheets.
They reached the base of the beach and felt that seeking any vestiges of human company was futile. No bags were left unattended, no shoes were left unfilled, no clothes were left behind. It was entirely wiped clean of life.
Shivering at the thought of what chaos had set foot here, Evanna didn’t linger. She easily found herself a way back to the main road, and for once it was a relief to feel hard as
:iconneoxflame:NeoxFlame 2 13

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She could eat a mango with her eyes closed
Her fingers well acquainted with the fruit's soft hairs
Then peel it back slowly with a sharp paring knife
As I watched, intrigued by how the smooth grain
Of the kitchen table matched the hues of her arm.
But this was one time, when the soft summer night's
breath exhaled long into the kitchenette
That I found her head down, her eyes withdrawn
To a breeze tossed curtain above her.
And I noticed her stomach swelling as a ripening fruit.
And knowing quite well that a seed separated from the tree
At such a young age could fall into another garden
And be fruitful. And this she knew, for her rough tan legs
Still remembered the back scratching at her when
In her old country, men would climb up and into
The trees, selfishly tearing a fruit from its mother.
But only once later in life did I glimpse the ghost
A dull red that broke from my sister's finger when once
She peeled a mango with the knife coming towards her.
The blood smearing across the orange
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I have thought it thoroughly through, and have decided to begin afresh with a brand new account on deviantart.

Thank you very much for all of you who have been so loyal and kind and appreciative of my works over the past four years. ~NeoxFlame was very proud of that. You all have my gratitude.

As for my novel Flying With The Falcons, the remaining chapters will still be uploaded to this old account, where I know I am very fortunate to have you wonderful deviants still interested in what remains of Evanna's adventure! So no worries; the submissions will still be reaching this account without fail!

As for ~Amberoath, a brand new account lies ahead with works that I feel will adequately illustrate the next phase of my life as I enter college and beyond. Although I have been quite proud with some of my works in this account, I feel that a brand new start within a brand new account will help me focus on bringing out the best in me. As of today the account looks pretty darn plain and boring, as since I am currently in Beijing and thus away from home, I lack the immediate resources to update it as well as ~NeoxFlame's. Will return and return it to life ASAP!

I will still continue to watch those who I have with this account in my new account, and thanks all once more for your time, warmth, and above all, enthusiasm over the years!

Over and out.



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