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WLERA part 8

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WLERA of July late!!!
Yes, you heard me, another WLERA coming for August!!!

But people, I AM CURIOUS; how do you name/would name your Abra??
I had no problems with Merlin, the name just popped into my mind once I saw him and well, wizards! Other name would have been Oz. I'm a huge fairytale dork...

- Alternate name for this page would be "how to murder an innocent bidoof with your booted foot"
- Rest in pieces you lil shit who no ones likes just because you and your evolution look goofy
- #nothingagainstbidoofs #Bidooflivesmatter 
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Oh man, Terminator would have been p cool, talking pokemon? Bunch of one liners < W< PUT THAT COOKIE DOWN? yes, I approve

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When I caught an Abra in a non-documented Omega Ruby Nuzlocke, I called him Yun (from Kadabra's Japanese name Yungerer)
If I had a few nicknames for abra they would be: Houdini, hectate, Abraham, Abrastotle, and Siak
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Hoo, I like those! :D
thank you. I don't mean to brag, but, I have a relatively good nicknaming scheme... though it was complete garbage as a kid
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You sound find to me (:
I myself... kinda struggle with it?? With pokemon it's okay but when real ppl and pets... yuk :'DD
Actually I almost forgot one that I name my abras all the time (How'd I forget this one, I dunno) But I always name them mr. Miyagi
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I like the mr. part :D
I mean, I like the whole name, but that mr. is a good add :'D
Aw Thank you! I referenced it to the Karate kid sensei. Cause pretty sure that was the guys name
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Never saw the movies so dunno :'D
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WOaah ABra! lucky!
what was your tactic on getting it?
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scream when you see it and throw a pokeball... worked well enough.
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only work like 1/3 of the time
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If u hav a poke that can sleep or para the abra, do it.
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all those glorious nicknames would be perfect
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Emma is the pkmn nickname messiah
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Rofl! I love it!

And I think I used to name them Houdini, but now that I kinda like Hipno more (I hated it as a kid), I think now I'd name them Pen and Teller. =P
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Merlin the c3po-sounding Abra! I am a dummy! 
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YOU BETTER KEEP MERLIN ALIVE! I've yet to see one survive it to the end.
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I like making refences with my Pokemon like Merlin... so maybe another Wizard or Psychic like Xavier or Nelson (Dr. Fate)
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This Abra.........ugh.. sometimes its a pain to catch. 
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