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WLERA part 8.2

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This was supposed to be an extra after WLERA part 9 buuuut I thought I could show it now and leave unnecessary time jumping be.

Yeah, as you can see Merlin can't speak pokemon or can he?!?!?. This is because while I did want HIM to speak, translating other team mates would be.. boring. It's much more fun to use body language and weird noises on them than telling their exact feelings by words.
Also, i did want to make a joke about it how abra is so cool but actually useless. Man I don't even know why I didn't lose my mind while training him!

- this was meant to appear in the last page/at the beginning of part 9 but I couldn't just make it fit in
- I'm not 100% sure about the team levels, I just know my starter is always 1 or 2 lvls higher than the others and I recalled Nuka wasn't that far behind. Preedo might actually be lvl10 as well and I DO have a feeling Susan was lvl7 or smthng but since this is right after Susan's capture (no training montage done by Emma) it was better to leave it to be the lvl she had originally. 
- I think Susan and Nuka are now friends (':
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lord i love how scruffy and scrawny nuka is. he's done so little but i think he's my favorite

Neowth's avatar

Nuka is a good boi

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Ooof, that moment when you thought you arrived on easy street, instead you took a detour down a road with a construction zone and bumper to bumper traffic

RJPrinceNZ's avatar

this is going well

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what kind of freaking scam is this???'
How could you Merlin?
I was really looking forward to hear what the rest of the team gonna say about things like... weather... Emma's face... Growdon
MysticD's avatar
Oh, don't worry, just throw him in and out of battle against low levels. =D
Neowth's avatar
He was in front of the team for a looooong time :'D
MysticD's avatar
what I wanna know is this... How you gonna evolve him to alakazam?
Neowth's avatar
if I wanted Alakazam, i would take my DS and 3DS, platinum and SS/HG inside and trade (:
MysticD's avatar
w00t. ^owo^ I hope so merlin survives, he'd be the first one in a nuzlocke as far as I know.
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Poor Emma, you get an Abra, and its one that doesn't understand the Pokémon language, nor can it battle.
Neowth's avatar
but he knows teleport which means Emma can go where ever she pleases but she is too dumb to realize this
Akylla's avatar
Teleport could actually be a life saver if your whole team is in bad shape, you're out of potions, in the wilderness, and the nearest Pokémon Center/Pokémart/Rest stop is too far to reach. 

Other than that it´s pretty useless. 
Neowth's avatar
I think teleport is a really awesome move!
Yes, I can't battle with Merlin, but I save time to go to poke center (also my rules said no potions until E4).
And I like to think Merlin can teleport where ever he wants to but Emma isn't focused enough to figure that out.
Hugo93F's avatar
Heh, silly Emma xD i can see that happening.
Neowth's avatar
i need to add that at some point
(I love it how in WLERA i can make fun of everything!)
Lily-Lyn-Rain's avatar
As least you have someone to talk to now...
pokeheartless's avatar
I feel like the abras gonna go in one of two ways

1) death that comes in really late

2) main pokemon protagonist
Neowth's avatar
Not really a main pokemon protagonist, just someone Emma can talk to (:
Neowth's avatar
I assume it would get boring if Emma was just talking to herself most of the time and I really didn't feel like to giving her permanent traveling companion trainer like anime did.
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