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WLERA part 6

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Here ya go, WLERA is continuing with Emma!
In other words time for camping, napping and catching(???) a new teammate, Susan!

- Susan's name... was just the first thing that popped into my mind when naming her :'D
- This page may or may not be inspired by the caterpie episode in pkmn season 1... 
who am i kidding, this whole comic is inspired by the first two seasons of the anime!!! Good old times ; w ;
- Pokemon are much more fun to write without speaking abilities, just saying!
- I'm not a musician buttttt i do hope I did the note thing correctly...
- Emma didn't make Colonel to eat all wanted posters.... nope, never, what are you saying!!!?!?!?
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yknow this page as a whole is just so nice to look at, yknow? the colors are great, the pacing, all the designs are so cool (it's been said a hundred times and it'll be said again: love that turtwig!)

plus, having the 'mons not speak can be difficult but i think this was pulled off great! i love the eye shine when the team woke up, and how protective nuka was of the colonel (plus the glowy effect to his eyes was a nice touch)

all in all, great page!

Neowth's avatar

ooooh you're making me blush!!

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Pfffffffff, I love this whole page, just from the BGs, to the humor, to the little running about with musical notes (a nice touch btw) Also just randomly catching the next 'mon and going right back to sleep is such a mood.

Neowth's avatar

This page keeps being my favourite as well! Because I really want to keep WLERA a nice lil comedic anime run (:

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uh, including the one the used to not have a ball...

Neowth's avatar

Emma gave her one, see? :D

RJPrinceNZ's avatar

I can see that, key words being "used to"

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Susan should've stayed home that night...
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OH MY GOSH SUSAN'S SUCH A PRECIOUS THING!! I love so much that you actually made it "speak" in music!
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I would die for Susan.
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This whole page was amazing. Turtwig's face was adorable when he was bitten and the fly joke was legit, which is rare for a Nuzlocke.
The scary white eyes were great and eerie, Sinx' reaction was priceless and Starly's need to eat the guy was on point. Even the accidental capture was fun to see. 
Neowth's avatar
Great to hear you liked this page ;w;
It took a while to put all the things I wanted on one page (colonel's leaf, Preedo chasing after Susan to have his late night snack and Emma just randomly throwing a pokeball and catching Susan)

Thank you for all the nice comments!!! (((:
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Pleasure. I really like your comic. And I like the significance you give to your rival, too.
Usually people portray them as less compared to the protagonist. It's a nice change to make him look superior.
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I always saw Jun/Barry having the potential to be more than just a goofy friend but since he kinda has ADHD he always acted before thinking. In this comic he has his own way of thinking in battles, which makes him dangerous and very unpredictable opponent.

(weak bestie rivals got old after W/B tbh. Bianca was alright but why is Cheren like that as well?? We want Gary back dammit)
JohnnyNuzlocke's avatar
Cheren wasn't a weak bestie. xD He was competitive to the point of almost becoming mean when he felt competition was getting a bit too much for him. And he did become a Gym Leader in the end. I feel like he's one of the most succesful rivals. Gary and Silver were the epitomy of rivals and we shouldn't ask for them again, otherwise they'll lose their value. Barry/ Jun/ Pearl was also an amazing rival as well, the first "good" rival that was also competitive, determined to get better than you without employing the "whatever means neccesary" mentality. Bianca was forgettable as a rival, but I value her as a companion. Cheren was just fine for the reasons above. xD
Hugh had a good thing going for him and I don't dislike him, but they just stop building his character at some point. It's almost tragic how obssessed he was with finding his sister's Purloin. If you think about it, he went through a grant journey without enjoying it the slightest. It's as if it never even happened for him.
The X&Y rivals were really forgettable. Bad rivals. I'm glad Nuzlockers find a way to make them interesting. One in particular paints them all in their own, distinct "light" of a character, making the whole X&Y storyline a lot more enjoyable. X&Y had the potential to be an amazing story, but Gamefreak really rushed things through. It's obvious now that it was a Sun & Moon experiment.
Brendan/ May were also forgettable and in ORAS, less forgettable but a bit strange..I don't know how to comment on them.
Sun & Moon, on the other hand. Boy, Gladion was a nice change of pace. Hau...well, some people like him. xD 
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Well since this went to this :D

Gary: strong, challenging. That is why I love him, he's team was hard enough before the league and as an champion, MANNN. He was pretty annoying as a character but... it was his point anyway.

Silver: I liked his story and design, but as a character... he was little slow. I would have liked to see him as a 'good guy' before post game. Also those daddy issues... and 2 poison types + poison starter to some peeps. He could have been stronger

May/Brendan: Everyone forgets them because they really didn't do that much??? They were just giving you some items, filling the pokedex and having couple battles with you. But again their role was to be the nicer Gary Oak. That is why Wally is considered to be you true rival in gen3.

Jun: As said, he was a friend but also a rival. Good mix but I did miss the little more serious attitude when battling. He was strong tho and Jun is probably my fav rival ever. No, he is.

Cheren: Well... when ever I play WB I just get so tired of his whining for not being strong and losing. Cheren dear, if you just had some better/other pokemon with you then maybe, JUST MAYBE you would win or let's say, A FULL TEAM. But seeing him as a new gym leader was nice.

Bianca: Companion is fine by me as well, but I like her as my rival, she actually was neutral strong but what really gets to me is how she grew up on her journey.

Hugh: The biggest disappointment of all time. Everyone was like "HE IS THE NEW MEAN KID" and turns out he is just a little kid screaming PLAZMAA and PURRLOIIIIIN to every person he meets. I think his screaming is a big joke/meme with the pokemon community. Also, his final team, was it FOUR POKEMONS was absolutely garbage. But he can be so much more in a nuzlocke. Too bad there's not many BW2 nuzes that get to the part that he can be more than just a crazy cat lady.

Calem/Serena: I did plan of WLERA2 with XY and in that comic Calem would be this very creepy stalker who is just "hello neighbour 8))" not really I had something else in mind back then. But as you said, a big disappointment again. They had just one line they repeated over and over again and that was their personality (that guy who dances, that smart kid, that girl who is happy and likes puzzles, your neighbour......) and I remember screaming to my DS screen "WTF YOU ARE DOING AND WALKING BESIDES ME YOU DID NOTHING I SAVED THE WORLD I AM THE FUCKING CHAMPION" but for example Cross Out nuzlocke is very good for making the idiotic rivals actually cool and loveable.

Hau: He tried to be Jun, but he just forgot about that 'serious in battle' part even more -___-'' But for a note, I almost lost to his raichu. He was more like a companion with lillie than a rival

Gladion: He was fun and entertaining and I liked his character grow. I just hoped more battles with him... but that friendship themed team was a nice touch.
JohnnyNuzlocke's avatar
Oh my god, I would have mentioned Cross Out too. I just felt like it wasn't proper to mention the name of another ongoing comic on your own comic's comment section. xD Serena is so GOOOOOOD there.
Anyway, we disagree on a lot of things about the rivals. xD And Silver couldn't have a Poison starter. I think you're thinking of Meganium as a Grass/ Poison, but she's just Grass. But that's besides the point. xD
When you wrote about Hugh, I could just imagine a panel where he stops a complete stranger and shouts at them "PURRLOOIIIIIIIIIIIN!"
Neowth's avatar
Meganium is JUST GRASS???!! lol i didn't remember that XDD

Serena is good bUT LETS TALK ABOUT WHAT HE DID TO TIARNO (the dance guy) damn.
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Lucky! When I did a Platinum Nuzlock and I just got a Bunary who refused to evolve 'til he was almost level 50!
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Lily-Lyn-Rain's avatar
Nothing! I raised him kindly, made sure he didn't get too hurt at all, named him Briar, let him wear my hat... It was so irritating! He didn't evolve until I got to that town where you can go to the "park" with "cute" Pokemon and literally spent a week+ in it with him, and he still didn't evolve for a while. But he eventually did... and wound up my strongest Pokemon somehow. ^^;
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