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WLERA part 5


WLERA for March :la:
Finally done, sorry to keep you waiting!
New clothes for our heroine Emma, some cameos from Jutopa, ChineseViking and Velink :3 Thank you guys <3

Anything to say about this...? Well, when i played the game and Looker part came I always thought "how this goofe became a detective??!" So I made him more goofer ;D
Hope you like this part, until April!

- Emma definitely didn't steal pokeballs from Sandgem mart to catch Nuka and Preedo... or get dirty in the process.
Nuka's name comes from my bad memory where i thought Nuka is Scar's real name (Lion King) but is actually Scar's first-born.
- Looker's japanese name is actually Handsome. It was so stupid and hilarious that i thought it's worth of mentioning.
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Emma's ma sure works fast. it's amazing she didn't get caught yet

Neowth's avatar

Emma's ability is run away :D

Riboo's avatar

Pfffffffffffffff wow, Em's mom just went max overkill here XD

RJPrinceNZ's avatar

hello, have you seen yourself?

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My Shinx goes by the name of Kimba (And before anyone gets it wrong, Kimba is an albino lion cub from a Japanese series of the same name. I believe it was from the sixties, and had a reboot in the late eighties. But yes, the sixties show got an English dub.)

Neowth's avatar
Kimba the White lion came first to my mind from your nickname :'D

I love my references but don't want em to be too obvious like naming my lion cub 'simba' or kovu.
Battledroidunit047's avatar
Yeah, I imagine most folks would go with something "Lion King" related or something just as obvious.
kagura-chan-otaku's avatar
Looker looks great in this comic XD
Neowth's avatar
why thank you (:
03-Marina-the-cat's avatar
I can't stop thinking on Tomoko Kuroki from Watamote with that clothing xD
I'm following the comic, and I love it so far : D
Neowth's avatar
Really? :'D
I was mostly thinking professor layton while creating the new outfit but I can see whatcha mean.

And thank you, I'm happy to hear my silly comic is worth of following <3
03-Marina-the-cat's avatar
That's true too now that you say. Looks a bit like Luke (the hat mostly xD)

No prob. I like Emma's form of behaving~ (plus well drawn pokemon xD)
Neowth's avatar
Emma is my totem animal tbh.
And yup, Luke/future Luke was in my mind back then :'D I'm such a prof Layton nerd.
03-Marina-the-cat's avatar
The best totem animal
I can see that : 3

Should I expect riddles on WLERA? Because if yes, Emma is going to have a hard time solving them (not like I would enjoy leds because of that haha)
Neowth's avatar
I might do a layton reference/joke later on in the comic, but can promise anything XD
Emma isn't really that air headed as it seems, she is just very new and excited for trainer business and actually having an adventure ;)
Tenshineko01's avatar
Aww, Nuka is adorable!
Decimatrix5's avatar
Sinnoh has some really good police force.Oh wait, they have Looker. XD
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lol what? That fast?
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