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WLERA part 4

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Pssst, Emma.
I think your mother noticed your absence~

That mushroom cloud panel was fun to paint :'3
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Oh no, mommysplosion o _O

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Now now, it wasn't like he forced Emma out of that door.
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He towed her along by the arm, didn't he...
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Emma left the house by her own will, but that may have also happened.
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A beast even the god of the pokemon fears.........a angry momInside Out Reaction Icon: Fear fainting GIF 
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Emma's mom would punch Arceus straight in the face if he ever threatened her smål girl.
Good moms have no fear when it comes to their children.
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yep that's my mom to XDSo funny 
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You have a good mother then (:
Respect for her!
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Dear Emma.. run and never go back if you wanna live ._.
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yeah, that's her thought exactly in the last panel.
I just found this comic and omg it is crazy, by the looks of it I won't need to spin any weird theories so that is a plus. It is nice to see you have an other side, you know besides the one that really likes it fuck with peoples minds, but still I do like BS more than this one.
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WLERA is my version of "canon" trainer life.
And no promises about the theories 8)) 
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Emma run, vary vary fast.
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Whoa, wait. Ex Archeolist and has a garchomp, she isn't...
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Please, sinnoh is a land of history (3 ruins at least, creation trio (four), spirits of emotions....) it's not so rare to have archaeologist around and well, garchomp is only dragon around and knows ground moves....

.......OR SHE IS ;D
I keep you in excitement~
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oh god it's cynthia
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Well fucking shit.
C'mon dude, why'd make this page so short? Just when things were about to get interesting...
Haha, just kidding. Keep up the 'Locke, bro!
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thanks XD

I make them short so you guys will suffer more >: D
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Omg, Neo! This new nuzlocke is pure hilarity~

MOAR, I say! :iconmoarplz:
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