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WLERA part 3

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Early WLERA for February! : D 
I'll do another page for Feb since next page will be kinda short ;W;
And don't worry about Burning Sky, it's 4/6 done and will be up next month!
Also my new tablet is very nice altho my text looks like made by a five year old kid :U

Sooo~ Emma pisses off the lonely guardian of Lake Verity :3
QUESTION: Do you know what the curse of the lake is? ;D the craziest but still sense making answer gets a cameo in Jubilife city (WLERA of March)!

- Jun calls Mesprit "miss" because it has a voice of young woman, like in games it has no gender.
- In WLERA universe there's more than one Mew. Unlike other legendaries, Mews do have gender. They act like in the anime, having fun and flying randomly from place to place.
- Yes, Emma's eye color is actually brown.

Comments are always welcome and loved ;D See you soon with another page~
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riverplath's avatar

OH? hello mew, nice to see you here

Neowth's avatar

She's just passing by. Nothing important ;)

Riboo's avatar

Pffff, yeah, because when that's you're opening line? Folks DEF wanna stick around to see what happens XDDDDD

Neowth's avatar

Mesprit is the being of emotion, not knowledge lol

RJPrinceNZ's avatar

If someone basically goes up and says they are going to kill you, I would also run if possible

Battledroidunit047's avatar
First impression is everything, Mesprit, and you legit sent them packing like a pair of crybabies... no wonder you're lonely... and no wonder everyone thinks your lake is cursed...
JohnnyNuzlocke's avatar
Jesus, that was scary. Was she actually kidding? She looked so scary and threatening.
And wait, was she the real deal or Mew using Transform?
Neowth's avatar
She just wanted to look cool )': 

And it was the real deal, the Mew was just passing by... or stalking. 
JohnnyNuzlocke's avatar
Poor Mesprit. )': I'll play with you baby.
So many lagendaries near Twinleaf. xD
Neowth's avatar
Yes, you will play with her since when you are able to catch Mesprit it will play tag and run around the Sinnoh region like a mad man. Those who wanted to fill their pokedex tell it was quite... annoying.
JohnnyNuzlocke's avatar
I remember the simpler days. Tag wasn't so bad, it made legendaries a lot more rewarding.
Legendaries were a lot more valuable back then too. -Nostalgia Googles-
Neowth's avatar
That is true (altho i was never really after the legendaries, I have always valued more the normal mons and the trickery behind their victories in comp battles) The best was in gen 1 when no one even told us the legends were in the games but you just had to explore and find those birds yourself. And damn that mewtwo battle!
JohnnyNuzlocke's avatar
Internet ruined that candy, I guess.
Neowth's avatar
not really, since nowadays the story in pokemon goes that the evil team is after the legendary pokemon and you can catch it/its counterpart just before the pokemon league. And in my opinion it is getting old really fast, plotwise only BW give you a reason to have that pokemon before post game (and in platinum it is very cool to go to the distortion world and catch the pkmn satan).

But again, this is just my opinion (:
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Wintersdragon's avatar
mew is like: I have seen some serious stuff but this trumps it all
Tenshineko01's avatar
Aww poor Mesprit, Oh hi Mew, what are you doing here?
Neowth's avatar
mew is there to steal ur soul
Tenshineko01's avatar
I guess Mew is a "Soul eater" *Is shot for the awful pun*
Neowth's avatar
mewtwo is the kishin then!
Tenshineko01's avatar
lol, I would love if there will be a Soul Eater Reference.
Neowth's avatar
* w *
neo got an idea
Tenshineko01's avatar
Yay! I can't wait to see what the idea is.
nicaranime's avatar
So...that curse then... :cough:

Mesprit is said to be 'the being of emotion'. 

"This Pokémon is said to have endowed the human heart with emotions, such as sorrow and joy.

If it could give the gift of emotion, it could just as easily take said emotions away. Depending on the mood it is in, it could take away one, or just make someone entirely emotionless. Hence where the 'gift', becomes a curse. 

Mesprit's pokedex entries are pretty interesting. I like the Pearl entry the most:
"It sleeps at the bottom of a lake. Its spirit is said to leave its body to fly on the lake's surface."
Neowth's avatar
I like those pokedex entries too :3 gotta use em as reference OwO
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