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WLERA part 22

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This is what other professors think of Rowan;
- Oak and Mr. Pokemon find him quite amusing. Whenever Rowan visits them Mr. Pokemon makes him do some crazy stuff with different pokemon i.e wrestling with machamp or swimming in the lake of rage. Naturally, Rowan always comes out as the winner.
- Elm is certain Rowan isn't even a human being and that makes him very nervous.
- Birtch respects Rowan a lot but has never met him in person.
- Juniper senior is Rowan's bff, what Rowan can do, he can as well. Professor Juniper thinks Rowan as a weird uncle. 
- Sycamore is absolutely terrified of this man. Even mentioning Rowan makes him have a PTSD episode.

Until next time~
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riverplath's avatar

the idea of juniper sr ALSO wrestling machamps is an image i never expected but am so grateful for now

also rowan i think it's too late for emma

Neowth's avatar

Wrestilng is a nice way to put it. In reality it is tossing and OHKOing everything while Juniper sr and Rowan are just hoHohOhohooo -ing

Riboo's avatar

..... wow, prof just fuckin' KO'd a 'mon. I'm out

RJPrinceNZ's avatar

well then

they are f****d

Tenshineko01's avatar
Lessons learned, NEVER MESS WITH ROWNEN.
Neowth's avatar
Yes, I advice to avoid any kind of negative contact with Rowan at all cost.
Battledroidunit047's avatar
Lesson 3: The only Good Team is a Rescue/Exploration team!
Neowth's avatar
4: Rowan's unbeatable.
TheKillerShaymim's avatar
Strange. I am getting strong Kitfox-Crimson vibes from this page. Probably due to OP Rowan. Either way, good page. Those grunts be fucked.
Neowth's avatar
Yes, he did similar joke. And I think someone else as well, that's just how rowan is :'D
GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
This man literally clocked a TOXICROAK into unconsciousness and they're still tryna battle him???

These guys got a death wish lol
Neowth's avatar
The girl is ready to go but this lad's friend (and ego) has been hit, hard.
Velink's avatar
at least he does not beat up the trouble makers instead
Since Lucas is Rowan's assistant, he must have learn one or two moves himself, right??
Neowth's avatar
Lucas does know some self defence taught by Rowan but he doesn't like brutal violence.
Lmao the female grunt is ready to run.
wietse110's avatar
Awesome! How do Kukui & Burnet feel about this guy? I'm intrigued.
Neowth's avatar
The regions after gen 6 aren't canon in WLERA universe bbuuuutt.....

Kuikui probably would try to get Rowan into his League and not get the gentle 'fck off' signals (hint; they ARE NOT GENTLE).
Burnet would just apologise to Rowan in no end and ask him for tea while Kuikui is locked outside so they can talk about pokemon energies and different theories about the matter. They would become besties.
wietse110's avatar
Sounds neet! Love the universe your creating here, keep up the good work! 
Neowth's avatar
ToaArcan's avatar
Rowan's Victory Over Nature Everything.
chicoARTS's avatar
Rowan is my favourite Pokémon Professor. Too bad he won't be in swish.

It's funny to know what other peers think of Rowan heh I like trivia!
Neowth's avatar
Trivias are the best!
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