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WLERA part 21

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Rowan's my fav pkmn professor cause he always made me feel lowkey threatened. 
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fool rowan has two fists he can multitask

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PFFFFFFFFFFF, Rowan doesn't suffer any fools here, including himself

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That is correct 
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team gaylactic to the rescue!!
Neowth's avatar
gaylactic omg
nicaranime's avatar we stop Team Galactic...or Rowan? :notimpressed: 
Tenshineko01's avatar
Wow, he barely felt the turtwig bite him.
Neowth's avatar
I'm glad someone noticed it cause turtle bites HURT
Tenshineko01's avatar
I'm sure it does. Rownan must be used to Turtwig biting.
Neowth's avatar
No, this is the first time Colonel has ever bitten Rowan.
Let's just say he has grown his pain tolerance over the years.... > w o

More on the next update!
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Best line I've ever come up with
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Is professor Rowan gonna have to choke a cute Team Galactic bitch?!?
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Just caught up with this comic!!! really entertaining so far
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Glad to hear you're enjoying it so far!
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