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WLERA part 20

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sid doesn't even get to say he saw the world! he saw the inside of a box! oh the humanity!

Riboo's avatar

OMG Em over here stealing children

Though lol, i guess as nuzlockers we never really think about the ramifications of that sort of thing for the most part, huh?

Battledroidunit047's avatar
You are REALLY getting arrogant, now!
chicoARTS's avatar
I approve of this turn of events.
Neowth's avatar
you sold your own brother for entertainment? gasp
I also show only the catches I will use in the run so more of Sid in the future! 
chicoARTS's avatar
Entertainment is the life I chose so I'm happy for him! ^^

That's awesome!! I can't thank you enough. I shall build a statue on your name!! 
GECKO-Nuzlockes's avatar
Oh my gosh, I LOVE the dad Psyduck lol, THAT BEARD
Velink's avatar
All right! all caught up again!
I a loving the relatively fast paced story and all the silliness in contrast with Burning Sky
But with Emma being wanted and Sinnoh N around, I am bracing for some pretty serious plot later

Neowth's avatar
The plot might get darker, but I also keep it light hearted 'til the end..... or not ;)
Tenshineko01's avatar
Poor Psyduck. I had a Psyduck back in my Y nuzlocke before it got stolen, several of my games were stole. -_- My Psyduck's name was Jordan and she was amazing.
Omega-Omicron's avatar
sorry about your loss, but...

real life Team Rocket
Neowth's avatar
Sorry to hear about them being stolen D:
golducks are awesome!
Tenshineko01's avatar
Indeed they are. 
nicaranime's avatar
Homewreckers...never listening to reason... No, I disagree! 
..but yay new team member! LOL 
Neowth's avatar
Emma is terrible. Poor ducks
nicaranime's avatar
That's Ducktales for you though. :shrug:
nicaranime's avatar
The many faces of Psyduck  excited Scrooge 
I can see the possibilities already...
Neowth's avatar
How u been watching scientifically accurate duck tales again...?
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A-KTheLittleFairy's avatar
Woo I finally caught up with your comic, it has such a wonderful, hilarious tone!
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