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WLERA part 2

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With Bara Pingu, HARRIH, demon Jun, fire ass monkey and Emma's new slave team's new and first member Colonel!

- Emma's love for piplup comes from its popularity. Seriously, I've seen so many nuzes and let's plays with piplup but rarely with turtwig (Chimchar is another popular mon in gen 4). I also loved piplup when gen 4 came out BUT WHEN I SAW TORTERRA OH MAN!

- Emma doesn't like chimchar because its goofy appearance, same reason I don't care much about the monkey. I had it ONCE in my team and that defense nghhhhh never again.

- Name colonel comes from the idea Emma's team is a team of freedom, after all Emma is running away from home (Why? You will find soon enough~). Colonel is as the starter the team's... colonel :'D Also Roy Mustang... and Keroro Gunsou.

- Harrih is a Finnish joke about bad dubs (Ron's voice in finnish ngggh) of two first Harry Potter games for PS. Those games were my childhood and since the chat was all HARRIH in the livestream... I just let it be there. Also I can imagine Jun being all EMMA! EMMAH? EMMAH! EMMMMAAAAAH!!!
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Finally! Turtwig gets some love! Even though I'm a Piplup fan, I'm always saddened when I see that barely anyone chooses Turtwig for nuzlockes.

Neowth's avatar

I really wonder why? Turtwig is a bae

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your turtwig design is fantastic!

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Awwww, I love your Turtwig, their design is really nice ;w; *hands out adoption papers*

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Colonel... You should've done a Unova run and given that name to a Klink! Right? RIGHT? 
meowth happy 
meowth not sure 
Does anyone even know what I mean?
Neowth's avatar
sorry, a whoosh for me ):
Battledroidunit047's avatar
I tried to make a joke based on "Hogan's Heroes" and nobody understood. Figures, given how that was a show from the late 60s...
A-KTheLittleFairy's avatar
Aww your Turtwig design is beyond adorable!!!
Neowth's avatar
Thank you (:
A-KTheLittleFairy's avatar
Whimsy-Psyduck's avatar
Barry do your mother said don't play with fire XD.
Neowth's avatar
Jun probably ignored her saying "yeah yeah"
xLinksx's avatar
Holy geez. You're backgrounds are amazeballs
Neowth's avatar
Haha thank you XD
I just like drawing em~
DNH2031ART's avatar
Do people really pick Piplup as starter that much on D/P/Pt Nuzlockes? Funny, I've always thought of Piplup as the worst of the bunch. To be honest, I'm not exactly a fan of Sinnoh's starters, but I always found Turtwig to be the most redeemable one, but that's just me.

Anyways, nice page! I really like the details you added on Turtwig's branch. By the way, just a little feedback; I've noticed some problems on the last panel. Emma's neck is too long, especially in comparison of her neck's size on the other panels, and the arms should be little bit larger. Also, her neck is way too inclined in comparison to the position of her back for that position to be even comfortable... or natural. 

Anyways, I think I got a bit too carried away this time, but I can't help my critique instinct, haha.
Sooo... that's that. Keep up da run, bro! 
Neowth's avatar
In Pokémon everyone has their own taste of those mons c: I like piplup but damn how much it's picked x__x I also thought that would be a good joke...

Sigh... yes, I know :'D I got busy with the last panel I since i wanted to finish it that time I said "fffuck it" to anatomy and ignored it (but still managed to make it look good???) also no reference ;A;
Thanks for the critic pal! I'll do better next time ;D
DNH2031ART's avatar
Yeah dude, it's good.
By the way, in case you don't find a reference, try looking at yourself in a mirror and do the pose you want to draw. It sound really weird and silly, but it works as some kind of last resort, at least for me, anyways.
Neowth's avatar
I do that with my hands pretty much XD
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thats exactly why i picked chimchar.
Neowth's avatar
Because its ass is on fire?
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