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WLERA part 18

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Yyyeaaaa, Roark went down quite easily.....
I don't usually have too much trouble with the first gyms.
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Pfff, I love how the whole battle was hyped to hell and then everyone topples like a total chump XD

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SHJDKS I loved the dramatic set up only for it to end in a 1hko
This battle was drawn so well bby omg 
Neowth's avatar
Haha yea :'D
I remember when I used to watch/read gen4 nuzlockes and everyone was nervous about Roark's Cranidos (thanks to pursuit and headbutt) But Colonel just... ohko'd that dino???? I think in reality the cranidos was faster and did land a headbutt on him tho.
NintendoPie's avatar
Cranidos has like 100+ base attack, we'e all lucky they didnt say fuck it and gave it a rock type move for STAB. 
Honestly I hope when the DP remakes come its still just as tough, but rip i lost my point 
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leaf turtle is a saviour.
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This complete and over-the-top obliteration of Roark was so fun, his spirit was crushed over and over again. I feel a little bad for him though, he should get a consolation prize for always staying optimistic . :'D
They should leave quickly now, I think the Gym trainer girl is starting to get suspicious just a little bit...
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Generally Roark doesn't really mind losing, but the battle with Jun was just too much for his pride.
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Aaah this is the first page I've seen of your comic and I love your art style! Definitely gonna keep reading this. Thanks for making something awesome.
Neowth's avatar
No, thank you for reading and kind words!
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Freakin' destroyed!
JohnnyNuzlocke's avatar
Huh. Well that was anticlimactic. X'D I really like your art though. And I don't know what's the deal with Luc-abra, but it's an interesting concept and I definately like their design.
I'll start from point one to see what's your comic about. You just earned a reader! *thumbs up*
Neowth's avatar
Thank you :'D
Yea, better read the earlier pages, the Luc-Abra will make more sense then.
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Two updates quick after each other, i like it :)  Awesome Rampardos-Garchomp combo, do all gym leaders have such a combo?
Neowth's avatar
As stated, they're rare and illegale to use in official battles.

But who knows ;)
wietse110's avatar
Well Roark gave zero shits about it being illegal so I hope all gymleaders do because the fusions look sick :) 
Neowth's avatar
Not all of them will have a combination since they're extremely hard to breed.

....But I may or may not have designed others.
You will see ;)
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