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WLERA part 13

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Building up for the thing I've wanted to draw since I played this part! Can you guess what Emma has in mind?
AND PREEDO EVOLVED!! I just fed him some Ryan's family members, I never see the first bird/bug evolution that big of a deal unless it's something special.
Another WLERA will come out probably soon, I got in school and have to do some things during the summer so had very little time to draw my nuzes > __ <

- Preedo isn't really that heavy, Emma just wasn't ready for a bigger bird.
- I think you're gonna like the next bit
- Also, did you really think a wanted Emma would just WALK inside a gym without a problem??
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When you evolve and just break your trainer's arm with your bird body. That's rough buddy

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Nah, she was just not expecting a little heavier bird

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She must use her newly evolved bird to swoop in, snatch the badge, and swoop out
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;) Putting up the solution now
also I guess I should be saying sorry for not being able to donate, I would but, I am still kinda new to deviant art soooo kinda unsure how
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Even hearing this is heart warming :')))
You need points for donations (which you can get by either buying em from DA or others giving em to you) so it is more common you don't have them than that you do.
ah I see thanks for telling me
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no problem at all (:
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I missed this comic, it's so much fun. OMG Nuka looks adorable in that hat!
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Sorry for the wait D:
Real life is just so ruthless tbh ; A ;

I'm working on WLERA 14 and the net Burning Sky update, just bare with me.
Tenshineko01's avatar
I am. XD Just not having internet is slowly killing me inside.
Neowth's avatar
No internet?!?!?! THAT'S BAD D:
Tenshineko01's avatar
I'm back for two days, and I'm holding a stream if you want to join if you can. ^-^
Neowth's avatar
Nuuuu I missed it D:
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Emma totes gonna use Peedro as fake toupeee and stache
Quilltaz's avatar
I assume Emma will channel her inner power and transform her artstyle into an unreconizeable Jojo character, a flawless plan indeed. Clever girl...
Neowth's avatar
I will use that power at some point, I MUST.
siennathegreat123's avatar
Cut your hair and attempt to deepen your voice! (Or not lol)
pokeheartless's avatar
Emma has an evil idea
Neowth's avatar
a MASTER plan ;)
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