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WLERA part 12

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More WLERA!! This whole VS Jun period was for the sake of that Ponyta joke. I myself was so happy about a machop, just think how easy the gym will now be with a grass type AND a fighting type!!          Or so one would think...

ALSO, who would like to see Jun's first gym battle as an extra? I could make that happen.

- I am very proud of those back grounds, and they are pretty easy to paint.
- Jun's ponyta is a male one and named 'Salami'
- I wanted to make Jun more than just a goofy rival, so winning a badge before Emma sounds fitting (with a team that wouldn't be the best against rock types mind you; 2 fire types, a bird and a grass type who doesn't know any grass moves yet). Also the main character jokes.

also, if you want to, tell ppl to check my nuzlockes out who you think might like my comics. I love it when people theorise or just comment what is nice about my comics........
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please teach me how to make such gorgeous fire omg

also! i know i've said this so much, but LOVE these designs, every time i get a reminder of how cool your pokemon look i get a boost of serotonin

and as much as a sympathize w/ emma as a fellow nuzlocker i'm also like..jun deserves a few wins. rivals always get it rough and he just wants to prove to everyone he can do this! go jun! i believe in you!

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mash colours until it looks good and cry. I also wanna know how I did that fire here.

thank you!

And yes, Jun is better than 'just a rival'

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Mood, when you want a certain pokemon to show up for a Nuzlocke SO BAD and... yup, no, RNG says No Fun Zone here

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Ryan was a lot of fun alright

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I'm pretty sure you'll find more Ponyta along the way... take it from someone who's been grinding unevolved Pokemon nonstop so that I could take down Team Galactic's boss on MT. Coronet...
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yea, there are ponyta in other routes as well. 
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Awww man, no georgous fire pony -_-
I hope Ryan evolve to be muscley and beautiful enough to compensate for that
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If idiots can't understand this then I don't know what will. First off, the game developers sometimes put rivals ahead of the main character. Second, it isn't cheating it's part of the script. And third, I don't care if you see the main character people who uses that in their advantage expecting to be better than everyone is overrated. Yes I said it overrated. I forgot to mention that in the game the sinnoh rival has a quick personality so he wants to be faster than the main character.
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You sound mad, I really hope this page/the jokes didn't rub you in a wrong way.

1) The Rival in Sinnoh is kinda always one step ahead of you. It's just Emma's personality and... other things that want her to be the very best, like no one ever was. She's pretty rivalry.
2) Jun wasn't cheating in any way! Emma kind is... they do have only friendly battles between themselves, however, once Emma saw that lvl boosted monkey she knew she couldn't handle it so she called it out as "cheating". Jun just wants to have fun and breaking something and critical as "friendly battle rules" is out of question.
3) I just wanted to make fun of some other.... protagonists, who are supposed to be much better than their rivals/companions in every way. Plus they are just kids... 14 if I remember correctly (maybe 13 i cant remember lol) so childish acts like these are only part of their nature
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Sorry if I sounded mad I was a little upset abut how main characters overpower their main roles.
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I know it's pretty much over done, I kinda made Emma like that to just make fun of the concept the player being the best pkmn trainer ever seen :')
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omg that Ponyta shot is beautiful and I love how Machop looks like a little dinosaur

go get that badge emma
Neowth's avatar
Ryan is our lil dinosaur child :')
I love Emma's reaction towards finding out jun had gotten the gym badge already, and then during the battle, her reaction to seeing the ponyta killed me XD
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My daughter is all about right place-right time situations 8D
03-Marina-the-cat's avatar
And he just accepts the "No OP pokemon" XD

I sometimes love Jun
He's so cute.

(BTW I imagined the ponyta being named something like Spicy, or Sauce, don't ask me why XD

I'm very late, but still very nicely done.
(And I would love to see Jun's battle, honestly. )
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Jun wants to have a friendly friend battles with his rival more than crushing competitive battles. He is serious with battling, sure, but having fun with a friend is more dear to him than winning (and if he does win, it is much more fun for both of them). Also, he does want to see what Emma is capable of, so just OHKOing her team wouldn't be that much of a show of her abilities.
Jun is a real friend.

Chilli and Tabasco were one of the names I had in mind but I thought Salami would be funny :Y (and think about all those trainers who are like wtf when he calls out salami and there's a fire pony right there)

i promised myself if there is even a one soul who wants jun VS roark i would make it happen, i actually want to show how badass he can be so thanks! 
03-Marina-the-cat's avatar
Awww, no doubt he is. is difficult to call him a rival being like that.

I love that idea of putting at the level of your friend, instead of trying to show how over you it is, in rivals (Sadly in the games wouldn't make much sense...)

No prob! I am really curious to see what was Jun  capable of doing, when he's not in a "Friendly battle mode"
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The other reason why WLERA Jun is OP/friendly battler with Emma is that I am sick and tired of seeing ppl making their rivals lose ALL THE TIME WITHOUT MUCH EFFORT??? I mean sure that is how it is in the games but C'MON YOU HAVE THE CHANCES TO MAKE THE RIVAL MORE INTERESTING.
03-Marina-the-cat's avatar
Well, I'm not very experienced on Nuzlocke comics (...I actually think that WLERA is the first....?), but maybe it is to avoid drama of partners dying since the start?
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Oh, it is an honor to be the author of your first nuz! (:

Oh, no no no I mean in the game you probably beat up your rival without a much effort, but why not make it more interesting in the comic/story you are making as a nuzlocke artist? Like changing some things (I changed Jun's battle location, team and how the battle went) and if the player 'loses' no one needs to die cauz hey it is a friendly/not deadly battle and you didn't lose any team members in the actual game O:
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Big whoop, I have a ghost Pony myself
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