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WLERA part 10

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REUPLOAD: The original was corrupted or smthng, couldn't change the main file

WLERA for October! Might make another page as well... >w>

- Jun is my personal favorite rival from the games!
- He is all goofy but my headcanon is he's a BEAST when it comes to battles and that he is a super good trainer.
- I like panel one a lot.
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Oh damn, instead of Jun bumping Em, its Em bumping Jun.... with her foot XD

Battledroidunit047's avatar
Jun is doomed... never incur the wrath of a neighbour...
kagura-chan-otaku's avatar
Ohhhh I don't like it D:
Velink's avatar
WOAAAH that city bg is detaild af
awesome work, Neo
Neowth's avatar
Antarija's avatar
Jun is adorable.
Emma is baddass.
Poor Merlin is the best Abra ever.
This run is simply awesome.

Seriously,your characters are so unique it's just impossible not love them from the very beginnnig~!
Neowth's avatar
Thank you!!! QvQ
This really made my day! 
Antarija's avatar
You're most welcome~! ^^
NintendoPie's avatar
omg Jun is adorable 
Neowth's avatar
isn't he? -O3O-
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I like how ye drew the city Neo, it reminds me of the summerplace where me and my family used to go to alot. :D
Neowth's avatar
really? :D i bet it was a nice town!
I enjoyed drawing the city a lot~
Quilltaz's avatar
It is a really beautiful small town called Smögen, only difference is its a coastal town, but still, lovely buildings. :3
Neowth's avatar
*googles the town*
Holy moly, that looks so pretty!
I used google and 'mining town' as my reference for Oreburgh :D
Quilltaz's avatar
Nice that you think its purdeh neo, i always thought its been a beautiful place meself. :P
Also all mining towns obviously looks the same as fishertowns, they only fish minerals instead. ;P
Neowth's avatar
true XD it's like a fishing town in a desert~ 
03-Marina-the-cat's avatar
-reads the page- Someone's going to die

-reads the descipription- Yes, someone is going to die.

Want to see what happens next : D
03-Marina-the-cat's avatar
Good luck , Emma.
Neowth's avatar
Why can't Jun get any luck? D:
03-Marina-the-cat's avatar
Because he doesn't look like he needs it at all.

But one thing:
The nuzlocke stuff applies to Jun too?
Neowth's avatar
not for Jun, not really, but I can always be mean and kill his team members. 
TheBookwormMaddy's avatar
I like how baggy his shirt is lmao
Neowth's avatar
It's his beloved style.
He has only baggy shirts.
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