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WLERA part 1

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Moar running away yay!

NOTE: 6 days BEFORE the present, 1 day before last page.
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PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF XD these kids and their antics, I love them. Jun is just like: Fuck it, we're going on an adventure~

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ah yes, they should join team rocket, they expert at stealing Pokémon

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kagura-chan-otaku's avatar
I already love this nuz XD
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Mama Neo gonna getchu if s/he finds out you left the house~ :iconwoooplz:
TimeturnerJasmy's avatar
Best Nuzlocke EVER!:dummy:
It's amazing how your art-style for humans has already changed and improved over these past few pages! °^°
Neowth's avatar
Thank you, you made my day with this comic ^^ more Emma's adventures soon!
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Loving this Nuzlocke so far. The art is great, and the characters are cool.
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why thank you ^^
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I love Jun's personality :XD:
Neowth's avatar
Me too, my 2nd fav rival~
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I loved him in the anime as well :XD: Also, Did you know that Pokemon tweeted that they are going to announce a new pokemon game? :icondragonwant:
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They're? That was fast.
I'm not following pkmn that much anymore since I dislike mega evolutions VERY much and "the plot" is kinda focused on that now... :'D the reason I didn't get Alpha sapphire lol.
Brandonfox95's avatar
I admit that the mega evolution is dumb, but i just had to get Alpha Sapphire because it was a remake of one of my favorite pokemon games :3 Plus, you can choose not to use the mega evolutions :XD: and for the plot? got me there XD
Neowth's avatar
the reason i didn't get it :'DD I can just play my emerald on my gameboy~
Yeah, but the plot and NPCs use megas :Y 

I can always play some cool hacks with new regions OwO
Brandonfox95's avatar
If only they took out the Megas in Alpha and Omega then it would be a perfect remake D: I own the original Sapphire and Ruby so i can always play them :meow:

And IGN rated Alpha and Omega 7.8 out of 10 because it had "To much water" :XD:
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And little bit harder/no over designed characters to my taste. but DAMN IT WAS GORGEOUS (watched a friend play it)! 
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i love the art style
TheFourthSword's avatar
This is so cute!
And I can so relate to Emma's reaction of how the day is going
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:lol: This is so cute!

I love how you do your backgrounds! :iconiwantitplz:
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Thank you ^^
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Amazing Jun to the rescue!
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Jun sure lookes less dangerous than he may actually be... :D
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