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WLERA part 0

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Here you go, the first page of Emma's nuzlocke :la:
As some of you know, I'm terrible at starting comics, I have no idea why... it's pretty annoying -.-'
Little time jump, don't worry, new page will go to the very start of the game! You can see this is after defeating Roark (spoilers, duh).
Wanna keep characters simple but with background i just let it go~
Updates will also be somewhat this size if I'm gonna do it monthly (< still not promising anything but i think i can do it for next month as well~)

Let me know what you think guys :3
I just like to hear you bootyful text voice and opinions~
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Oh interesting, I like how this isn't a traditional start thus far, already having a Pokemon and being a run away < w< Wondering where this goes

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eh, I'm bored and this exists, time to read.

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To Paraphrase our Glorious emperor Palpatine (albeit merging two screen stops together), "Have you ever had one of those moments where you think, "How the hell did I get here?"? Y'know, Looking back, it all makes sense: Dream big, Live big, Love big, Fall to your death down a giant F***ing hole. Now I know, which is exactly 0% of the battle apparently. Y'know come to think of it, my whole life has been a bunch of wtf moments." *Cue the story*
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LMAO that's Emma right there!
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Although, what I said was actually from Robot Chicken...
If this got a music opening I got the perfect one for it... I think. It would come down to your opinion more. Plus the song is a cover soooo
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I like Abra, both design and character-wise. He/ She makes sense a lot for a Psychic type.
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Someone needs to be the voice of reason in this team. Emma can be a little... hasty.
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illegal Trainer or Murder someone...
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So far, so good! I like the protagonist's look, it kind of reminds me of Yonaka from Mogeko Castle.
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Really? XD
Never heard of it tbh. Emma's design comes from Pokémon but details will come later. For now, she's just a genderbend Lucas.
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7.8/10 too much water.

Joking aside, this looks great. Yet another nuzlocke to read!
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... why did you link me that? XD
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I dunno.


Just roll with it.
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haha nice start!
the begining is awful... took me a year.. :ashamed: 
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pffft who needs backgrounds?
And I agreed with Vel.
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Thanks XD
And I like em OwO
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oh wow!
nice art style, Neo
i totes wouldn't recognize it is your comic
if i haven't known beforehand
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Haha thanks XD
Let's go with cuties.
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well this looks like fun :) and abra is kawaii, machop´s kawaii, everything in this page is kawaii :3 :3 
PS. Neo, looks like you cant draw ? and 2 differently :D
PPS. just kidding, its awesome :D
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No wants to face the wrath of a mom or parent in general.
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